hope spoken weekend

well i am home from a really good weekend at Hope Spoken in Dallas. i have been trying to write this post for three days but life is busy! appointments and carpool and dinner and groceries and puppies and chickens and everything! ...more


Sundae. i love her puffy feathers! Fancy & Huevo ....more

we have been busy…

spring break is over half way done. my nieces were here since sunday. we have had a lot of fun so far ....more

for sale on monday!

on monday at 7:30 PM all of these amazing ruffled aprons go up for sale in my shop!! www.megduerksen.bigcartel.com coming soon after that… a ruffled apron KIT with all the pieces and the pattern to make one of these aprons on your own at home! the pattern will also be available separately to make it with your own fabric ....more

sweet potato & black bean chili

i rarely post recipes here any more… i think all the food blogs scare me away from it. but i made this the other night by throwing things together and it was delish! and of course chili is not your typical spring-is-coming recipe but i always just blog what is current and THIS is happening in my house right now… 70 degrees outside or not ....more

trail mix, a playlist and crazy strong abs

three quick things today. 1. this is my trail mix i made up for when i want a little sweet and still be getting the good stuff. i buy the Cranberry Delight trail mix at Dillons (Kroger) which is by the chips at our store ....more

february Craft weekend sponsors

each Craft Weekend we ask our favorite companies if they would like to be sponsors. our sponsors are artists, authors,...more

craft weekend – february

what a beautiful group of ladies! they were each so kind to each other and had a...more

happy monday.

so far it’s been a good one. i got myself into workout gear and did my Pump workout. i really wanted to skip ....more


i like thursdays because they are close to fridays. i used to love thursdays because of must see tv… but i don’t really watch much...more