DeBie Hive

I am a writer, a doula and a photographer.  A wife, a sister, a daughter, a mother and a friend.  I'm officially a member of the sandwich generation, trying to figure out how to keep it together.  Come along for the's rarely dull around here.

The Summer School of Rock - B.B. King

Hello old friend, I've missed you. So, before we get to the post itself, a little background for those of you who haven't been here since the dawn of time... A few years ago, this all started when my husband was a den leader for Webelos, covering a lesson on music with the boys ....more

To The One That Asks All The Questions

Dear Oldest,This is early. It's not your birthday yet, even though it seems like we've been celebrating it for weeks already. It's been that kind of year, but you've always been that kind of kid anyway ....more

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the MC edition

Holy cow, you guys, there is a lot this week. I started making my TTPMOT list yesterday and it quickly took up over a page. There are so many things going on right now ....more

We're okay. Even when we're not.

Dear Mr. Hive,This week has rattled my cage. A lot ....more

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the mama drama edition

Heeeey. It's been a week and a half already and it's only Tuesday. May always seems to be like this ....more

50 things about my mother

A friend shared this piece late last night on Mother's Day, and it got me thinking about a lot of things. About the specific memories recounted in her words, about the universal truth that seems to be complicated mother/daughter relationships, about whether I could list 50 things about my mother.I'm going to try.More than that, though, I'm going to try and remember the good things. I could certainly list 50 bad memories just from the last few years of her life alone, but I don't want to remember her that way ....more

What I want my children to know about the world

To my children,Last night, we talked about relationships and drugs and alcohol and sex and so much more. I'm honest with you for a reason. I tell you what has happened in my life ....more

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday - the chlamydia is bigger in Texas edition

It's May. How the hell did that happen already? There are only two weeks of school left here, which means that the end of the year madness has begun ....more

How Lucky Am I

mother's day posti want to write this to my children, the one who isn't here and the ones who arefocus on what is, not what is gone ....more

Waxing Poetic While Waxing the Floor

I scrubbed and waxed my kitchen floor yesterday. This isn't something I generally write about, because let's be honest...chores suck.For whatever reason, though, yesterday I had a moment while I was in between coats of wax. I sat down on the carpet and took a break ....more