Ordinary Miracles - Where I praise my friends

I'm sitting on my friend Cindy's couch when Sam comes in. He's said because of something that happened while playing, he got hurt, his feelings were hurt, he needs some comfort. He lays down on the couch, head in Cindy's lap, and she rubs his back and comforts him while we keep talking ....more


She sits across from me at my kitchen table, an untouched cup of tea in front of her, and speaks out the details of the very worst moment of her life. Her eyes pour out her pain, and her voice breaks and everything, every hurt, every hard thing in her life since then, it leads back to this one terrifying, shattering moment, this moment she can't forget, and can't move past.There is counsel, and there is a time for that.But better, sometimes;-to hold the hand of a hurting friend, enter into her pain, and grieve with her for the evil she has endured.-to pray there is comfort in grieving together,-to let her know that even though she feels alone, she doesn't have to move forward on her own,We walk on together, hand in hand. One small step at a time ....more

Holding The Pieces

I sat on a pile of concrete fence posts across from her. She juggles her baby, almost a year old now, she says. She doesn't really know because the baby's father has taken all of her birth records.I ask her to tell me how she came to be "married"."I was 12," she says, "I had only had my period 3 times ....more

When I realize, again, That My Husband is a Better Christian Than Me.

We had unexpected guests at the close of the year. One of the hazards of working cross culturally is that you sometimes often find yourself grossly misunderstood.Like this one time, when Aaron reconnected with an old friend from his first few trips to Thailand. The friend said he wanted to move back to the area where we currently live and Aaron said, "Great, if you do you should give me a call we could hang out and stuff, maybe even work together."Remember Aaron is basically still a beginner at Thai, his friend is a beginner at English ....more

Of Darkness, and Hope, and How You Can Help Bring Light

Today I met a 14 year old girl, when I was visiting two of the mothers in my birth class. She was squatting in the house next to one of the grandmothers. I thought she was a kid who came in to watch the babies ....more

One Day

I participated in the One Day party on Instagram again this year, hosted by Laura of HollyWood HouseWife. Every year that I do this I think to myself I will follow up by making it into a blog post so that readers who aren't on IG can see what goes on in a typical day here. This year, it's the third year, I'm actually doing it ....more

False Alarms and Energy Drinks

She hands me a little plastic bag through the driver window. “Ah Sayama, jesu tin b deh.” (Teacher, thank you, in Burmese.) I let my surprise show on my face. Not over the drinks, the ladies have taken to giving me these little gratitude tokens every week, almost always an energy drink ....more

So I did the ice bucket challenge....

I really didn't think the ice bucket challenge would make it to me. It wasn't a big thing in Thailand at all. But then Brenda did it, and challenged me.So I played along, sort of, and made this little video ....more

42 photos/reasons why I love my husband - Celebrating 14 years

Moving overseas, they say, can be one of the hardest things to put a marriage through. I'd have to say that they are right. Aaron and I have probably had more fights this past year since moving to Thailand than in the previous 6 years combined ....more

Home - #1000gifts

Our hostess, her son, and his bride during the ceremony. The groom's father speaking. A marriage blessing from the oldest man in the community ....more