My Life, Such as it is...

48, widow, mother, jack of all trades & master of none.

I write about My Life, Such as it is...including family, Scouts, and whatever else I can think of.

I have a son who is 11 years old and in 6th grade. I'm an avid reader,  love to travel, and I'm sorta crafty. We have 2 dogs, Ruby and Max.

Another ER VIsit

Welp. Third times the charm right? Last Friday afternoon I ended up back in the ER for non stop dehydration/diarrhea/vomiting ....more

No Privacy

Charlie was never as bad as the dogs when it came to following me into the bathroom. Lulu freaks out when I put her in the tub for a bath but when I’m in the shower she can’t wait to... [[ This is a content summary only ....more

Getting out of Bed

The Houston area has a cold spell! We even had sleet the other morning. I do not like cold weather and neither does Charlie ....more

Health Issues

Twice now I have been so sick that I ended up severely dehydrated and in the ER. The first time was Sept. 24 in Corpus Christi with Charlie’s Troop ....more

We got Snow!

The only time the Houston area seems to get snow is after a hurricane or huge tropical storm. We do get cold temperatures, for us at least, but not in the freezing zone during a normal winter. It.. ....more

Letter to Santa

Charlie is almost 13 years old. He is past the believing in Santa stage but I still make him write out a Christmas Wish List to share with family and friends. This year I reminded Charlie to write.. ....more

Christmas Jammies 2017


JH Moncrieff

{link to books is via Amazon Associates. If you purchase via my link, I get a small percentage for the referral} I am not a fan of horror. I don’t like to be scared ....more

Lulu’s Fabric Fetish

Lulu is only 11 months old so she is still a puppy, albeit a large puppy, and still in the chewing stage. Unlike Max’s chewing stage, Lulu has a fabric fetish. Don’t get me wrong Lulu.. ....more

At Least I got a Warning

It’s down to 5 days now. Still haven’t come up with a new password. We can’t use anything similar to the previous 10 passwords either ....more