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Just a Creative, Content, Natural-Living, Chicken-Keeping, Homeschooling, Photographing, God-Loving, Life-Loving, Blessed New England family, and sharing it all with you!  I have 4 kiddos & an amazing husband. I homeschool(ed) our 4 children: {A} 20 years old (away at college now), and triplets {JM}, {O} and {S}, 15 years old. We love our creative  life together,and I love to blog all about our crazy and creative ideas, with more photos than you can shake a stick at, of course! ;) Drop on over sometime, connect with us at our House of Joyful Noise Facebook Page  and say hi, so we can get to know YOU better too! Laura (aka LLR):
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Tropical Hibiscus and Blueberry Bush Blessings

No one could have known how sad I have been this season, without my gardens to work in, and watch grow. But I have been. Until I was blessed by surprise, with a Tropical Hibiscus and Blueberry Bush ....more

Our Rec Room Reveal

We are...more

Honey Bees Farm – Field Trip

The kids and I enjoyed a very interesting visit to a nearby honey bee farm, on quite a beautiful day of this spring. We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather that day! It was sunny and awesome ....more

Old Junk – A Big Old Rusty Clock Makeover & An Old Cabinet

Are you an ‘old junk’ lover? Do you love going looking for old junk, and get butterflies at the opportunity to bring some of it home? That’s ME to a T! ...more

Yet Another Pallet Mug Holder; How and Why

Alright, so maybe you’ve already seen the pallet mug holder idea a good many times. But there is more than that to this post. And anyway, give us a little break here; you know most all of the time, we are sharing our own custom and very unique projects with you! ...more

A Love-Themed Watercolor Art Piece

Being in my art studio, is way up there as one of my favorite places in my very small world, to be! For the month of February, I was inspired to create something ‘love-themed’, to add as a decorative art piece for our home’s double-mantels. I was very much in the mood to get into a watercolor project, and I had some text in mind that I wanted to make a part of it, as well ....more

Bartering; It’s a Beautiful Thing

One of the awesome things about having skills, and owning your own small businesses especially, is the ability to barter with other small businesses!...more

Let Us Eat Dessert!

Do you have dessert very often in your family? There is no time that I have been more reminded that our time as one family under this roof is dissipating fast than when the six of us have been gathered around our table, having a meal together. As a mother, I just don’t want to ever let these days go ....more

Pots and Pans – DIY Organization Hanger

We have always made eating dinner all together around the table every night, a high family priority. But quite honestly, making yet another family meal/dinner, is not always Michael or I’s favorite thing to do around here, towards the end of the day. Especially when both or either of us are in the middle of work, or some project, and need to stop what we are doing to go cook in the kitchen ....more

The Unexpected Death of Our Rooster

Doesn’t it figure, that not even a week after finding a new home for our over-abundance of roosters from our hatch, did we face the very unexpected death of our rooster, ‘Weymouth’, who we have had for over a year?...more