For the Love of Naps

I am a mom. Blessed with two boys, one who still naps and one who doesn't. I am loved and supported by a wonderful husband who loves to nap on Saturday afternoons. I take each day, start fresh, and try and learn moment to moment. My days are filled with matchbox cars, tinker toys, and "guys." I try to give my boys a daily adventure that leads to a nap. I strive each day to find a moment for myself...often during nap time. Is it nap time yet?

not so spunky syd

Spunky Sis is not so spunky. ...more

looking like a first grader

This kid lost his first tooth last week. ...more

Starting these blueberries

This weekend we ventured up north and went blueberry picking. ...more

her carrot


We will start here

Wow, this place has been silent and I have been so sad about it. ...more



I ran for my wallet

4:45pm and this comes rolling down our cup de sac. ...more

My fourth in pictures


Soccer Saturday overload

soccer jamboree day! It was supposed to rain. ...more

Moments we realize the limits we set sometimes are still there, when we aren't.

Today I gave Charley $3.00 to spend at golf camp during snack. ...more