For the Love of Naps

I am a mom. Blessed with two boys, one who still naps and one who doesn't. I am loved and supported by a wonderful husband who loves to nap on Saturday afternoons. I take each day, start fresh, and try and learn moment to moment. My days are filled with matchbox cars, tinker toys, and "guys." I try to give my boys a daily adventure that leads to a nap. I strive each day to find a moment for myself...often during nap time. Is it nap time yet?

A lesson learned while egg dying

The boys are out of school today so we decided this morning would be our morning to color eggs. ...more

Another reason spring needs to get here soon!

Because mama doesn't want to invest in anymore pants this time of year. ...more

spring WAS here. sigh

Spring did show up the other day. ...more

a summer goal

This little bird stopped napping WAY too early. ...more

filling everyone's cup

Trying to look ahead at our week and mix the right amount of everything. ...more

she dances like no one is watching

Her moods swing. Causing my moods to swing. But her spirit dances, always....more

A trip to the city...

I have had some family's request photo shoots that aren't at their home. ...more

Project 365 so far

To music...a yummy song to me! For New Years I decided my one thing for 2014 was going to do a picture a day challenge. ...more

I love. this.

One of my favorite stages...the new to underwear stage. ...more