I Am Job

That's Job. With a long "o". Like the guy from the bible with all the troubles ....more

Gretchen's Very Own Adventure: Part Dos

Saludos desde Madrid! According to Google Translate, that means "Greetings from Madrid!" I wouldn't know, because my Spanish is muy, muy bad. But luckily, everybody here in Madrid is muy, muy nice, and smiles patiently while I try to make myself clear using my phone app and mucho hand gestures....more

Gretchen's Very Own Adventure: Part One

I'm always hearing about some actress or another who books a great location job. An acting gig that involves traveling to some fabulous and romantic location - Europe, South America, a cruise. It's one of the best perks of our business, actually getting paid to travel ....more

Spin Cycle: Binging

You know, tv's been damned good lately. It used to be that television was Hollywood's red-headed stepchild, where all the B-level talent went when they couldn't get work in the movies. But no more ....more

Jude and Gretchen's Big Luge Adventure Part 2

Oh no! I seem to have left y'all hanging for...1, 2, 3, 4...well, a long time. Sorry about that ....more

Jude and Gretchen's Big Luge Adventure Part 1

Do y'all remember back in the summer when I wrote THIS POST all about how Jude took part in the USA Luge Team's Slider Search? Well if you don't, you're gonna want to go read it or you're not going to understand what I'm about to say, and I'm too tired to rewrite all the details. So really, go read it now ....more

The Feast 2014

This year was our sixth Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes with this enthusiastic and stalwart group of friends... Strangely good picture, considering the photographer was a 12-year old. and these, their children.. ....more

Catching Up

Well hello. I don't seem to have been paying much attention to y'all lately, have I? I'm so sorry ....more

Another Thanksgiving in Bullet Points

Best turkey ever. Seriously. For several years now, I've been brining my turkey using THIS recipe from Alice Waters ....more

Spin Cycle: Thinking About Bette Davis

I've been thinking about Bette Davis lately. More specifically, I've been thinking about this quote... ...more