GOOD NEWS Check up!!!

Today Angela had a check up with her liver specialists and surgeon. First she had an ultrasound to check the bypass they put in back in April. Her liver looks great and now, for the first time in her life, is ...more

Dear Kim

I'm going to address you personally, since you are obviously obsessed with my family and would like to pick apart my parenting. Unfortunately I accidentally hit "delete" on your most recent comment instead of publish. (reflexive action, as I get a lot of spam and your comment was mixed in with several of those and my finger was clicking away ....more

The Refresher Course

Yesterday was exhausting.It didn't have to be.I could have chosen not to go.After all, he is 29 years old and responsible for his own decisions. Why should I go and sit through what I already know? It is a huge inconvenience to make the two hour drive, spend the entire day dealing with heavy emotional stuff, then drive two hours home.Because it is "family education day" at the treatment facility, and I am his family ....more

Time hop with Cancer

Every day the Timehop app reminds me of some event over the last few years. For some things, I don't need a reminder. Like a birthday or anniversary their dates are stuck in my head.July 17, 2014That date marked my last round of chemo ....more

Snails Pace

Amos my love. This kid has stolen our hearts completely. He is a character for sure! ...more

T-shirts! T-shirts! Get your T-shirts!

My friend Lisa has started a T-shirt fundraiser for us. Proceeds go directly to our adoption expenses. I have ordered shirts from TeeSpring in the past, and I LOVE them! ...more

The Phone Call

It was one of the coldest mornings of the winter of 2014 in Minnesota. After a late night with Angela who was sick, I was buried under the blankets of our bed, sound asleep when the ...more

Happy birthday to me!

Its my birthday today. Another year older. I'm 49 today.49.So close to 50.I have never been shy about telling my age ....more

The long version...

He first came to us for respite in March of 2015. A family in crisis, a marriage dissolving. Parents who were at their wits end dealing with emotional stress combined with institutional behavior they couldn't manage ....more

Parenting out of love or preserving one's reputation, who pays the price?

An adoption battle. A parent's nightmare. Unexpected attorney retainer for actions that must be taken immediately ....more