She's HOME!

As I type this, Angela is sleeping peacefully on the couch next to me. She wasn't super thrilled about coming home. You know, at the hospital she has complete reign of the TV, and the nurses love coming in to visit with because she's so adorable ....more

ICU Update 3

Well, this will be my last update from the Intensive Care Unit! Angela was actually moved to the medical/surgical floor around dinner time, but they don't have a bed available so she is still in ICU, but her level of care has been significantly reduced!Angela is fully awake! She has been awake and talking, talking, talking ...more

Update 2

Dr just came in and said neuro says her EEG shows slower activity on the right side of brain. This is the side at risk of stroke so she'll have an MRI done to check for a small stroke that couldnt be seen on CT when she was admitted. It could also be she had seizure on that side ....more

ICU morning update

Last night Angela had several moments of being able to answer simple questions. Things like "Do you want a blanket?" Or saying hi back to someone. All with her eyes closed.About midnight I went to a parent sleeping room ....more

Intensive care

*note this post was written on my phone over the course of 8 hours. Lots of typose and time lapses I'm sure.....................I'm sitting in the intensive care unit with Angela who is unresponsive. I'm a bit stunned we have come to this point.I recently said to someone that Angela has not been right since the day of her surgery on October 6th ....more

Happy Birthday Asher!

It is Halloween. but it is more than that to us.Eleven years ago, on the other side of the world in Kragujevac, Serbia, a baby boy was born. His name was Lazar.When Angela was born I was immediately surrounded by a community of parents who already knew how raising their children with Down syndrome was a positive thing in their lives ....more

A whirlwind!

Angela has not been doing so well since her surgery. A variety of problems, most of them related to chronic hypotension (low blood pressure) that we can't seem to find a cause for. We've had an ambulance at school for her twice, and lots of "Hmm, do we bring her in or not?" I did bring her in a couple weeks ago because she was just generally off and very lethargic ....more

Our lives are centered around food

Physically Angela is doing as well as can be expected. Her system is adjusting to her new way of eating as well as her new diet. (gluten free, dairy free, casiene free) Never before has it been more apparent to me how much our lives our centered around food ....more

This is tough

Angela and I arrived home tonight, just a few minutes after 6:00. Dean and the kids had just sat down to dinner, the aroma of hamburgers and french fries heavy in the air. I was thankful Angela had just had a feeding 30 minutes prior.Angela went around the table, hugging every one of her little sibs (and Tyler too!), showing each of them her new appendage ....more

Going Home! ...more