Raising Redheads

I am a lover of Christ, single mother of 2 redheads, and a very special babe who lived with and fought batten disease for almost 5 years.  I am a writer at heart, lover of people & believer in the village. 

Happy birthday Mabel \\7//

This year, as always, we celebrated our girl in all different shades of yellow....more

August in July

August Sawyer, my first nephew, was born on July 6th, 2017! ...more

From her Uncle ...

The night that changed my life...more


It's been two years and sometimes I still wake from sleep already crying....more

It really is all in our genes.

My firstborn, cherished daughter....more

Dear Kids, {2 years in Heaven.}

To all of the little people who I love so much... ...who are watching and waiting and listening for the right words to fill the empty spot so deep in your tummy on this day... Some of you have asked me, "but why did God need Mabel back so soon?" And I want you to know that God didn't NEED her back so soon....more

the end of a school year...

The school year is drawing to a close and all the hard and familiar feelings are in the air....more


You all know the story....more


Before you read this update, please read THIS POST...more

Restoring A Mother's Heart Retreat 2017

One week ago today I packed a suitcase and I got in the car and I began to drive....more