It's Over

I can distinctly remember squirming under my friend's mom's gaze, as she intently interrogated me regarding whether or not I would be breastfeeding. I was probably 7 months pregnant with Isaac and had already decided to give it a go, but just having the conversation made me so uncomfortable.Little did I know how big of a role nursing would have in my life, or how much I would talk about it, with strangers, friends and family.It's a wonder to me now, for something that I thought was quite peculiar, would eventually drive me to purchase drugs from Canada in an effort to continue! All that to say, that in the last almost 6 years of motherhood, I've spent 46 months breastfeeding, and now, I'm done.One of my most beloved acts of mothering is completed ....more

Self Aware

I wasn't happy to find myself pregnant at the beginning of 2014. I doubt that's shocking to those who've read between the lines or had a conversation with me last year.Sure, we'd made comments about the possibility of a 4th child someday, but it was quite different to all of the sudden be pregnant, again. The year of 2014 was supposed to be a big year for me, personally ....more

A Decade

Now that we have four kids, Tony and I really struggle to prioritize our marriage. Isaac has been very needy lately, and I think it's primarily due to the length of time he's away from the family at school. Ezra and Miri are just in the thick of gaining independence and responsibility, meaning unless supervised they are making huge messes ....more

Ring-A-Round the Rosey

:: I spend most of my days in a sort of disbelief.I can't believe I have a 5 1/2 year old.I can't believe we had only two boys 2 years ago....more

Ezra John is Three

Oh wait, it's not June. Not even close, but after viewing some old blog posts with Isaac, I was reminded why I was committed to updating this blog for such a long time. It's my time vault ....more

Life of Late

I've encountered the question, so often from friends, family and clients "How's it going?"It's such an odd question to answer.I can't remember how much sleep I get each night.I have no idea if Naomi is on a schedule yet.I am forever grateful for the business that I've been given since her birth.We've been able to enjoy this fall, like no fall since I've started photography.It's so crazy to have the female version of Isaac.I'm trying to savor every day ....more

Isaac is a Kindergartner

Naomi was born at 3:49am.Tony left the hospital at 6:00am.He went home and got Isaac ready for Kindergarten. I had so many thoughts I envisioned I'd write about Isaac starting school and none of them involved a sister being born the same day.I can't even describe the depth of emotions I felt, but just based on the simple facts, I'm pretty sure any mother can imagine. I welcomed my last baby the very day that I sent my first baby out into the world.As much as I wasn't ready to birth Naomi, I also wasn't ready to let the world at Isaac.They were both painful, but I'm so grateful for God's grace in strength in both.Because Nomi was born quickly, and easily, just like I prayed.And Isaac was able to walk into school, with Tony at his side, just like we prayed.I wasn't there, but Tony facetimed the whole thing with me, with a nurse, an aide and a pediatrician getting more than they bargained for, walking in to find me bawling on the phone ....more

Nomi's Birth Story

With a surprise pregnancy, I ended up booking two weddings the weekend I passed 37w. I was extremely anxious the entire summer about fulfilling my commitment to these two brides and woke up Friday, August 30th so relieved. I'd made it ....more

Naomi Ann | Our Bonus Baby

Making her debut September 2nd, after a full day of laboring on Labor Day, our Naomi Ann joined the family at just 37w4d of age!She ended up my smallest baby, at 7lbs 1oz and 20".The boys have welcomed her whole heartedly and Miri miraculously has as well, even thinking she's her personal baby.All this to say, we are so overwhelmed with thankfulness for this beautiful addition that God orchestrated for us. We couldn't love her more! ...more

36 & 37 Weeks

So these are pretty much irrelevant now, but I have to still post the pictures!How far along: 36 weeks. [36w with Miri, 36w with Ezra, 36w with Isaac]...more