I'm a freelance writer and web consultant who recently left London to live in a converted barn in the Wiltshire countryside.  I used to be overweight, but managed to lose 40 pounds (about a third of my body weight) over the last several years through diet and exercise.  Now that the weight is off, I'm figuring out how to keep it that way, without sacrificing my health or sanity.  As I'm learning, fitness isn't just about the weight.  It's also about being strong, able and most importantly, happy.  


No bake pumpkin protein crispie treats

As far as whey protein innovations go, the invention of whey protein crispies (aka protein puffs) has to be the most fun. Think...more

Autumn Apple & Blackberry Breakfast Smoothie

This apple and blackberry smoothie tastes like autumn and is super substantial making it the perfect on-the-go breakfast (hence why I’ve photographed it in a shaker cup!). I like to make this smoothie when the apple orchard is in full swing, which seems to be timed...more

Review: The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan

I signed up for Joe Wick’s (aka The Body Coach’s) 90 Day...more

Thames Source Circular Walk

This post highlights an 11km circular walk via the Thames Source taking in The Monarchs Way and the village of Ewan. Scroll to the bottom for...more

In Pictures: Dartmoor Wild Camping

Dartmoor has long been one of my favourite places for a wild camping adventure. This vast moorland, hallmarked by forests, rivers, and many exposed granite hilltops (tors), has a bleakness that makes you feel like you’ve truly escaped the world and have entered something truly wild and untouched by man (ironically, Dartmoor only looks the way it does because of the profound impact of early man who cleared the forests and farmed the soil into peaty oblivion!). I thought I’d share a few shots from my most recent excursion to Dartmoor in hopes that it might inspire you to...more

High Protein Bircher Muesli

I’ve written before about the wonderful world of Bircher Muesli so I won’t belabour the point toooo much but this stuff seriously is one of the best ever breakfasts! Because the oats are soaked overnight and served cool along with tasty fresh ingredients like yoghurt and fruit, it’s so much more refreshing than bog standard porridge oats. This version includes whey protein powder ....more

Tor View Shepherds Hut, Somerset

For two people...more

Protein Puff Granola – High Protein, Low Sugar

Most granola is filled with lots of carbs...more

Big Agnes King Solomon 15 Sleeping Bag Review

If you’re part of a couple that likes to sleep in a tent, whether you camp with a car, or like to put all of your stuff in a backpack as we do, sooner or later you’re going to struggle with being separated from your co-conspirator by a piece of down-filled fabric. You could either go for zipping together two single-person sleeping bags, or you could go for a purpose-made double bag. We decided to try the Big Agnes King Solomon 15,...more