I'm a freelance writer and web consultant who recently left London to live in a converted barn in the Wiltshire countryside.  I used to be overweight, but managed to lose 40 pounds (about a third of my body weight) over the last several years through diet and exercise.  Now that the weight is off, I'm figuring out how to keep it that way, without sacrificing my health or sanity.  As I'm learning, fitness isn't just about the weight.  It's also about being strong, able and most importantly, happy.  


No Churn Zabaglione Ice Cream

This recipe emerged after a stint of tiramisu making while I was visiting my family for Christmas in 2012. We made the entire tiramisu from scratch, including the ladyfingers, and it was a bit of a mission. The adventure left us with a lot of leftover marsala wine and whipped cream, which led me to this ice cream creation ....more

Plum Upside Down Cake

I have recently been the grateful recipient of a large quantity of Damson Plums thanks to the generosity of nature and my friend Gloria Nicol. Some of these plums have been turned into...more

Raw Double Chocolate Brownies

Here is a brownie that ticks all the right boxes – raw, vegan, gluten-free, paleo… – and they taste delicious too. The classic raw brownie is made by blitzing dates, nuts and cocoa in a food processor and mushing the mix together into a ball or bar. Though tasty, those raw brownies are also very dense and usually very sweet because it takes a lot of dates to hold the mixture together ....more

Mixed Vegetable and Tofu Coconut Curry

It doesn’t make the prettiest of pictures but that’s curry for you. This is one of those anything-goes curries and is a great way to use some of those trickier items in the veggie box. On this particular occasion, the vegetable that mystified me most was runner beans ....more

Squash and Sweetcorn Tamales

Last night I had a little Tamale Party with friends Jane, Jimmy and Steve to celebrate Jane’s and Jimmy’s Month of Anniversary. The event stemmed from a recent walk in Wales, wherein I expressed to Jane and Jimmy my desire to further my tamale practice, and they offered themselves as willing taste testers and sous chefs. There was a pretty steep learning curve here, and I admit our tamale rolling efforts weren’t exquisite (that may have been the numerous margaritas, white russians, negronis and long island iced teas talking) ....more

Beetroot and Carrot Slaw

I’m on a bit of a raw food kick lately. Of course when it comes to raw food, it’s all about the quality of the ingredients, which should ideally be organic and locally sourced to maximise their flavour potential. In this way, my recent...more

Do Sleep Apps Help You Sleep?

Sleep is one of those universal activities that also seems to be almost universally problematic for even the best of sleepers. The quest for better sleep is inherent to all of us, and the secret to a good night’s sleep is different for everyone. For that reason, my friend Fiona Beckett has recently launched a new website called...more

Family Recipes: Tomato Soup with Cheddar Cheese Dumplings

I’ve been living in the UK for over seven years now. Along the way I’ve become a British citizenship, I’ve acquired a wonderful dog, and I’ve accumulated a lot of “stuff”. But I still regard Chicago as my “home” ....more

Spoon Carving at The Cherry Wood Project

Last Wednesday I spent the day in the woods learning to carve spoons from Tim Gatfield at The Cherry Wood Project near Bath. I was inspired to take the workshop after my brief but memorable brush with Spoonfest in Edale last June while road tripping around the UK. The trip was...more

How I Make Sourdough Bread

Having posted a few pictures of my sourdough loaves in recent weeks, a few people have asked me for my recipe. Making sourdough is about a lot more than just a recipe. True, I follow the book Tartine Bread very closely (a very generous gift from my friend Rita Munn in Tennessee which really got me going on sourdough bread baking) ....more