Woo Pig SOOIE! Razorbacks! Arkansas! Flag!

My mom bought the girls a new Razorback cheerleading outfit this week. Luckily we actually have something to cheer about. Our basketball hogs have been doing great this year and we are so excited! ...more

Sleet Day

I'm I was really bummed when I found out we were only expected to get sleet and ice instead of snow. I love at least one good, pretty snow. Luckily when sleet piles up it looks like snow to my almost 4 year old ....more

Valentine Fun

We have had a good week of Valentine fun....more

Happy New Year

Here we are, another year. I'd love to spend more time blogging this year but it isn't exactly one oft goals. We'll just see what happened ....more

Weekend Randomness

As I scrolled through my phone I found a few pictures I want to keep on my blog. They are completely random so I am throwing them into one post....more

Happy Halloween

Last week was a fun day of dressing up! I know some people have issues with Halloween and that's fine. Around here we just like to dress up and eat candy with friends....more

Music to My Ears

On Wednesday nights we normally eat at church. It's not the most enjoyable experience (although the food is always fantastic) because I have two girls who would rather run wild than sit at the table and eat. We've learned to eat fast ....more

Big School

It's hard to believe Sadie is old enough to start big school soon. Last night we went to a school preview for her. I will be honest, it's been hard for me to let go ....more

Allergy Alert

Friday we took Sadie in for her allergy skin test. I have been SO anxious about the appointment. After a total meltdown at the dentist last week I had no idea what to expect ....more

Weekend Wrap-Up: Fall Festival Fun

On Saturday we decided to try a fall festival at a plant nursery near our house. They advertised free food and fun for kids. You can't beat that! ...more