Whirlwind Catchup

Hi guys, I have been avoiding the blog. It's been too long, I am sorry. For those of you who haven't been following along on Twitter, I wanted to catch you up on the happenings ....more

Beach Photoshoot

Basically I tried to import and arrange all these in the time it took for the kids to eat dinner. It... did not go well ....more

Back To School Supplies 2014

This year I've seen a lot of posts showing what is on everyone else's school supply lists, and how much each family ended up spending. And hot darned if that doesn't interest me, the list loving person. We have to wait an eternity for our teacher assignments & lists ....more

My Attempt at a Bullet Journal

I've been hearing a lot of buzz about these bullet journals lately and I honestly do not understand them. Are they a list? Like a calendar? ...more

Early Morning Conversation

The other night Little Man decided to abandon pull ups. Before I headed off to bed, I checked on him. He was totally out, but also totally wet ....more

Technical Difficulties

I'm having design difficulties on the blog. Something happened with the designer I worked with, and I've just reverted back to simple because I'm tired. It may stay this way for a while, sorry ....more

The Things I'm Getting Used To

- Nightly injections for Squirt. The nurse came out to show me how it all works. And let me tell you, this is way more complicated than I even feared ....more

Identity Crisis Slash I'm Really Tired

Ugh. Where does one even start with all this? I've obviously been avoiding the blog like I've been avoiding people, sunlight, health food, and anything without spandex ....more

The Best Purchase This Century

This morning I took the girls to get x rays to assess their bone age. It's all part of the Big Stressy Stuff that makes me want to do all the daytime sleeping and nighttime binge eating. ANYWHO....more


Have you ever capsized a canoe? Do you know the feeling of unsteadiness of the floating vessel you are depending on? How sometimes you can fool yourself into thinking if you just swayed your body this way or held the paddle out that way it could be steadied? ...more