Fashion Me Fabulous

Fashion Me Fabulous is the collaborative effort of becca and Jael Paris. They focus on having fun with fashion & showcasing natural beauty.

Cartoons Are Better Than Real Life

In cartoons you can run off the edge of the cliff and you won't fall until you notice that you've run off the edge. You can survive anvils falling on your head. You can be a talking duck ....more

Suprising Fashion Find: Hot Topic

You may have noticed a lull in content on FMF. A lot of that has to do with the state of fashion right now. We're not big fans of what's in stores at the moment, which is making both shopping and blogging a bit of a challenge ....more

1960s Eye Makeup

For Halloween (yes, forever ago), I dressed up like a science officer from Star Trek: The Original Series. This involved big hair and dramatic eyes. Since then, I've been hooked on 1960s eye makeup ....more

Have Your Cake and Wear It Too

I love shoes. I love dessert. Now, I can have both in one ....more

Ode to Black Skinny Jeans

Last year for Halloween I wanted to be Death from the Sandman comics. To do this, I needed black pants. This seems like a straightforward clothing item that I would already have, but you're assuming I'm the kind of person who can find pants that fit ....more

Pick of the Week: Dip-hem Skater Dress

This is a power dress. It's the sort of simple dress with an eye-catching detail that lets your inner star shine. It's all about the skirt with it's sexy-sweet dip, abundant pleats and beautiful movement ....more

Pick of the Week: Comfy Blazer

I'm getting ready for a work trip next week. It will be a whirlwind. I'm flying very early in the morning in time to land and get to an expo that huge and rather hectic ....more

You Monster

Let's be bad guys, or -- as is often the case -- the unleashed and misguided scientific experiments of a delusional madman. T-Rex just wants to be loved, you guys. Why are you running away? ...more

Etsy Shop of the Week: Complements By Jo

It's Halloween! (I know it is not technically Halloween today, but it's October, which is Halloween for the whole month). I love costumes ....more

Ankle Boots

Looking for the perfect ankle boots for fall. Want to help me shop? Top: grey bow boot, G by Guess "Tarrah" at Macy's $75buckle wedge, Naturalizer "Quimby" $139red vintagey button boot, Miz Mooz "Strut" on Amazon $160Middle: tri-color bootie, Seychelles "Stick Your Neck Out" on Amazon $70woven bootie, H&M $99blue suede bootie, Anne Klein "Sondra" at Macy's $106 (sale)Bottom: biker bootie, Miz Mooz "Deanna" on Amazon $175grey leather and suede, Easy Spirit "Pedrina" at Macy's $98 (sale)brown leather and suede, Alfani "Dadine" at Macy's $65 (sale) ...more