Review: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner

I have a confession. I'm lazy when it comes to makeup. Actually, that's not true ....more

Four Fun Fashion Kickstarters

We here at FMF love supporting independent designers and upstart fashion ideas. That's why we've long featured Etsy shops. Kickstarter has created another way for designers and creators to bring their fashion to the world ....more

Pick of the Week: Target Linen Pants Revisted

I love a good pair of linen pants, but a good pair can be pricey. That's why I wrote about these Target linen pants back in 2011. They used to carry them every year, but the last two years they've either drastically changed them or skipped them all together ....more

Etsy Shop of the Week: Todd Borka

Todd Borka is a French illustrator who creates custom portraits from photographs. The shop as a whole offers a wide selection of custom portraits options. The whimsical portraits can be ordered as prints, on key chains or as unique pendants ....more

Curly Hair Braid Inspirations

I've been seeing adorable braid hairstyles and tutorials all over the place. They're adorable. My hair, however, is quite curly, very wispy and mostly unruly ....more

Cartoons Are Better Than Real Life

In cartoons you can run off the edge of the cliff and you won't fall until you notice that you've run off the edge. You can survive anvils falling on your head. You can be a talking duck ....more

Suprising Fashion Find: Hot Topic

You may have noticed a lull in content on FMF. A lot of that has to do with the state of fashion right now. We're not big fans of what's in stores at the moment, which is making both shopping and blogging a bit of a challenge ....more

1960s Eye Makeup

For Halloween (yes, forever ago), I dressed up like a science officer from Star Trek: The Original Series. This involved big hair and dramatic eyes. Since then, I've been hooked on 1960s eye makeup ....more

Have Your Cake and Wear It Too

I love shoes. I love dessert. Now, I can have both in one ....more

Ode to Black Skinny Jeans

Last year for Halloween I wanted to be Death from the Sandman comics. To do this, I needed black pants. This seems like a straightforward clothing item that I would already have, but you're assuming I'm the kind of person who can find pants that fit ....more