In High School, Feminists Tackle Outsider Status

"All of these people agreed that women should have equal rights to men, but they weren't willing to identify themselves as a part of that movement," says the editor in chief of a school paper that found students to be warmer to the idea of gender equality than feminism ....more

Femen Activists Detained as Tunis Trial Adjourns

Three European activists face up to six months of prison for staging a topless protest in Tunis to demonstrate support for a Tunisian ally, Amina Sboui, who is facing legal problems of her own. ...more

McCaskill, Gillibrand Take Military Men to Task

The two lawmakers have different bills to reform the way the military handles sex-assault cases. Gillibrand’s bill goes further and seeks to shift authority out of the chain of command ....more

Stop Knee-Jerk Blaming of Afghan Men, Culture

Corrupt, tribal, medieval, misogynist. These are the refrain of reporters, media marketers and officials on Afghanistan. When reporters and officials pander to stereotypes, we lose the chance to understand what's really going on ....more

After Costly Cancer-Gene Testing, Treatments Add Up

Angelina Jolie's surgeries to prevent breast cancer are widely known. But how do most women handle the bills for prophylactic mastectomy, hospitalization, reconstructive surgery? Second of two stories on costs of BRCA testing and treatment ....more

Angelina Jolie Raises Big Question of Coverage

What if you decide to follow the Hollywood star's example and get genetic testing for your chances of developing breast cancer? Then you face the questions of whether you're covered and meet reimbursement criteria. First of two stories ....more

Saudis Push Safety; El Salvador Nixes an Abortion

Saudi Arabia's safety campaign dares men to "hit her" and Italian lawmakers ratify an antiviolence treaty. But a critically ill woman in El Salvador can't get an abortion ....more

'Tiger Eyes' by Judy Blume and Son, Opens Friday

June kicks off with movies about a lonely and troubled teen coming of age, three heroic girls who are not afraid to speak out against repression, a wonderfully updated "Much Ado About Nothing," and the big problems of honeybees ....more

Indian Tribal Women Rush to a Champion's Defense

Tribal women in India are mobilizing behind a leading maternal-health advocate. Supporters say the case against Madhuri Krishnaswamy was concocted to stop her from flagging rights violations that led to 25 maternal deaths in nine months in one impoverished district ....more

Nuns Claim No Role in Irish Laundry Scandal

When I interviewed two Irish nuns in February it was the first time any member of religious orders that ran the abusive Magdalene Laundries spoke publically. Yet, months later, reconciliation with victims appears to be far off ....more