Tidying Up

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Marie Kondo talk about her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. I was curious when I heard Kinokuniya was going to have a Japanese tidying expert giving a presentation at their store; I love organizing. What I didn't expect is to be so completely surprised and delighted ....more

River of Doubt - Bind Off 2.0

OK. I'm getting close: Ive finished knitting the second arm; I added an inch to the length; I knit the ribbing and bound off the neckline and both wrists. Next step is to soak the sweater in water, then block it and see how I like the neckline ....more

River of Doubt Bind Off

I'm having trouble finding a satisfactory bind off for River of Doubt. I'd like to do 4 rows of 1x1 ribbing and then bind off. I can't find a knitted (with the needles) bind off that I like; I wish I could, because I hate breaking the yarn to do a sewn bind off and hoping I have enough of a yarn tail.Well, here are the ones I've tried so far.(1) Interlock bind off which looked wonky.(2) Interlock bind off in contrasting color to see why it’s coming out wonky ....more

River of Doubt - Sleeve #1

I have made some progress on River of Doubt. One sleeve and most of the body. This is where the text should go ....more

Grey Scarf

The (oh-so-slight) downside of getting your husband to go into fabric stores and yarn stores with you for a decade-and-a-half is that he will eventually learn that there are things there that he might like ... things that end up being projects for you to make. In this case, a soft squishy ball of lovely mottled grey wool-silk blend became a request for a soft, light scarf ....more

2014 Ornament - Tree-ception

I have a very good friend Pam who loves the winter holidays, so every year I make her a Christmas ornament.When November 1st rolled around, I started brainstorming. Every time I had an idea I realized I'd already used the motif ... an owl, a pincone, a heart, and a star .. ....more

River of Doubt - Progress on Body

So much progress! The unblocked stitch pattern accordions into ridges, as you can see in the photos. Once it's blocked the fabric will be flat and the knit/purl design will be more noticeable ....more

River of Doubt - The Source

I've started a new sweater named River of Doubt. It's come together from a lot of different sources: I wanted to make a sweater with contiguous sleeves. I wanted to make a sweater with triangle-y knit-purl design ....more

Bermuda Triangle on Vacation

I made the sweater Bermuda Triangle (ravelry link) specifically to wear with this skirt on our vacation in LA this October. I assumed that it would be cool and a little extra warmth up-top would be needed to balance out this short skirt. Who knew that we'd visit right in the middle of a 90-degree October heatwave?! ...more

Golden - Finished!

I realized recently that I never posted an "I'm finished!" photo of this sweater, so I staged a mini photo shoot at the park. Golden took forever to make, but it was worth every stitch. I wear it to work once a week with this great purple v-neck ....more