Healthy Strides

A weight loss success, I'm passionate about health, fitness and balanced living. I strive to live a full life while balancing the demands of motherhood, work and - my latest endeavor - instructing BODYPUMP and Piloxing. I'm also a runner, with one marathon, 7 halfs and numerous other races under my belt.

Standing Strong: Learning to Take Control

Do you know how to advocate for yourself, when it really matters? It was one of my mom's favorite stories to tell, and it was not because it was particularly funny or embarrassing. Rather, it was a story of will and knowing what was right ....more

Five for Friday

It was a milestone.On Wednesday, I walked down the hallway to the far away bathroom and I didn't feel a pang until I was halfway there. I almost stopped to do a happy dance but I figured that it would not be socially acceptable to pop, lock and drop it in a place of business. Also, I don't think I could get up.1. So, yes, after two weeks of frustration, I am starting to see improvement with my piriformis ....more

A Day in Food

You know what's super fun? Running. You want to know what's not fun? ...more

M is for Meal Planning

"Here you go, Mom," Miles says, dropping a book in front of me. "We haven't used this in a long time."I'm in pigeon on the living room rug, stuck in the pose for (basically) four minutes of PT-prescribed stretching, and the book is at my knee. Face down ....more

The Magic Cure? Tales from Injury Row

What would you be willing to try to see progress or get relief? "Check this out," my friend wrote. "I've been trying it for about 24 hours now and I think it's helping ....more

Revolutions {+ quiz}

Wednesday was not pretty.My physical therapy appointment was a bit of a cluster, and I swear that I was in more pain after the muscle release treatment than I was before. To boot, one of the midwives had told me to watch the weight gain (I'm at 24 pounds/32 weeks), and I was on day 1 of recommitting to a cleaner diet. I hobbled and cried, yelled and limped ....more

Tail End: 6 Ways I've Turned Into My Grandma

Injury update: My bum is still bum. But, it's being less of an ass than it was.I have ditched the crutches that I so required Thursday and Friday. I no longer wake up in pain and can walk a few stiff steps before I start to feel the pain ....more

Let There Be Love

His one and only Valentine. The poor sucker. February 2007 I'd like to think that after almost 9 years together – with 6 of those in pure wedded bliss – that there isn't much to know about Mark ....more

Down But Not Out

Limping out of the office, two things were abundantly clear:• I forgot to put on deodorant that morning. Apparently basic hygiene becomes complicated when I'm not living out of a gym bag.• I am suffering from classic piriformis syndrome.Neither "revelation" was particularly great (though one could be solved more easily) but I did feel more hope than I had in the past 48 hours, after my right glute seized on Wednesday's run. Those hours had been filled with pain-filled steps, tears from said steps, frustration, tears of frustration, 3.421 episodes of "Property Brothers" and frantic Internet searches that alternated between piriformis syndrome and sciatica.Dr ....more

From Good to Bad in 3.9 Miles {A Three Things Thursday Post}

Wednesday started out like any other Wednesday.I got the boys fed and Miles ready for daycare. I reviewed my music for barbell class and found the only pair of capris that were both clean and belly compatible. I took out Denali .. ....more