Healthy Strides

A weight loss success, I'm passionate about health, fitness and balanced living. I strive to live a full life while balancing the demands of motherhood, work and - my latest endeavor - instructing BODYPUMP and Piloxing. I'm also a runner, with one marathon, 7 halfs and numerous other races under my belt.

Whole30: A Diary {Week Two}

On July 11, I began the Whole30 challenge in an effort to tame my sugar monster, control my eating and maybe lose a few pounds. This is my diary. For those who aren't familiar with Whole30, it is a 30-day elimination diet that aims to reset cravings and see how your body reacts to certain foods ....more

Whole30: A Diary {Week One}

I'd like to blame my friend Kim. And my BFF Pattie. Really, though, I should blame myself....more

Summer Hair Care for Runners

I like to think of it as an interest but others might call it an obsession but lately I've found myself watching hair videos on YouTube....more

#BeMonumental {Week 1}

When I registered for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on Jan. 1, running marathon was just an idea. A seemingly good one but, nonetheless, still just a thought ....more

Florida: The Runshine State

When Mark and I were planning our trip to Florida (with stops in Cincinnati and Atlanta), I had grand plans to take fancy boutique classes, make use of the reciprocal Y membership and get in amazing workouts.Alas, I never walked into the Y or registered for OrangeTheory (even though I made a last-ditch effort to do so).But amazing runs ... I did get those. Since the last time we visited, Mark's family moved to a new neighborhood – which happens to be conveniently located near a well-paved trail and just a few miles from a beautiful wilderness preserve ....more

Weekly Training Update

Twas the calm before the storm.Twas the week when my main objective was to take it easy, give my legs a chance to freshen up and get my mind in the game.Twas my last week before training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon kicks off.Historically, I have a hard time doing things like taking it easy but thanks to a couple friends and early morning wake-ups, I was able to do just that. Monday's early-morning run downtown Highlight: A runch in surprisingly mild conditions. The temp was in the 70s but there was a cool breeze and seemingly no humidity ....more

Inspiration on the Track {#LiveUnlimited}

It takes 14 laps around the indoor track at the Central YMCA to reach a mile. Not only does the short distance make for a tedious run, the camber of the track can make it hard on the legs. It’s only if you can secure the inside loop (and have strong math skills) that a run can be anything close to enjoyable ....more

Warning: Rants Ahead {A Three Things Thursday Post}

It’s almost here. After months and months of planning, far too many hours of mapping on Google and weeks of hoarding snacks, my family and I are set to head off for vacation soon. We’ll be roadtripping from Indiana to Florida, making pit stops in Cincinnati and Atlanta, in the hopes of seeing as many family members as possible, seeing some new sights and avoiding tantrums at every turn ....more

Weekly Workouts

Despite a rocky start, I managed to log some decent miles last week. Elevation from Tuesday's run in Cincinnati The heat and humidity were just fierce early on – I recorded 74 degrees and 81 percent humidity at 5 a.m. for my Monday run – and though I should be acclimated, I am not. My stepfather's funeral Mass was on Tuesday in Cincinnati, which meant lots of feelings and adulting.Oh, and running on hills.I had naively thought that I'd go down this flat stretch, or what I thought would be flat, and get in a 5-miler with three at tempo as part of my last week of 5K workouts but I just didn't have it ....more

Confessions of a Group Fitness Instructor

"Please don't let them smell me. Please, God, don't let them smell me," I thought as I stood at the front of the studio.Of course, I could smell me as I stared in the front mirror with my participants behind me. And, let me tell you, it was not good ....more