Healthy Strides

A weight loss success, I'm passionate about health, fitness and balanced living. I strive to live a full life while balancing the demands of motherhood, work and - my latest endeavor - instructing BODYPUMP and Piloxing. I'm also a runner, with one marathon, 7 halfs and numerous other races under my belt.

So Much WTF

They say it's better to show up to the starting line undertrained rather than overtrained. Apparently, adrenaline can carry you through the miles where as too many miles can hinder your performance and put you at risk for injury.And if that is true, I totally nailed my race this weekend. The WTF (Winter Trail Frosty - get your minds out of the gutter) is a trail race at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis, with a quarter marathon option and a half marathon ....more

The Starting Line

"No marathons in 2017," I told Mark.Marathons are too much work. They take too much training. They make me too cranky ....more


I just couldn't do it. It wasn't for lack of trying -- I had changed the speed, the incline. I had taken a pause to sip some much-needed Nuun and then another to wipe my face.But after 1.68 miles, I hit the red stop button on the treadmill at the Cincinnati YMCA, grabbed a spray bottle and threw in the towel ....more

The Change

I walked into my first newsroom at the age of 18. Eager and excited, I was certain that I was meant to be a journalist.My heart pitter-pattered as I listened to reporters make phone calls, and the sound of a fax machine made it skip a beat. And the song of a police scanner gave me goosebumps and caused a rush of adrenaline.I spent that summer, my first after high school, typing honor roll lists, dean's lists and marriage lists ....more

A Reason to Clean

I loved the shorts from the first moment I set eyes on them at my local Kohl's store. A vibrant floral print with a tropical flair, they were bold and pretty – and a grand departure from the Nike Tempos I typically wore.But I resisted buying them last summer. I had no great need for the shorts, and I could never line up the sales and coupons the way I liked ....more

#BeMonumental {A Race Recap}

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly."...more

Freedom, Not Fear

I saw the lights of the pick-up truck in the cool, dark morning long before it drove past me. Heading south toward the intersection of the street and the park, I assumed the driver was a groundskeeper or the like. It's not unusual to see someone unlock the bathroom facilities or head on the park path toward the club path in the early morning.But as I made my way to the outer edges of the park on a pre-dawn run – a solo outing that life necessitated – I was a bit surprised to see that the truck didn't turn right into the park and nor did the driver stop at the bathroom facility ....more

On The Run

Under the light of the moon and a blanket of clouds, I pressed start and set off. I ran north. I ran toward a lovely neighborhood and away from my usual haunts ....more


Shorter runs, more sleep and all the food....more

Down on the Farm

Fields of wheat, corn and soy beans. Flat, open spaces for miles and miles. Country music.There are few things more Indiana than that ....more