Healthy Strides

A weight loss success, I'm passionate about health, fitness and balanced living. I strive to live a full life while balancing the demands of motherhood, work and - my latest endeavor - instructing BODYPUMP and Piloxing. I'm also a runner, with one marathon, 7 halfs and numerous other races under my belt.

Buying a slow cooker {A Three Things Thursday Post}

Dinner time would be a disaster at my house if it weren't for my slow cooker.I know this. My family knows this. And, I'm fairly certain, you know this.I use the sent-from-heaven appliance at least once a week, if not twice, making everything from Cuban pulled pork to marinara sauce to chili ....more

Training Update

It was a beautiful sunrise run and bad math that gave me the confidence to make the somewhat foolish decision to register for the Muncie Mini Half Marathon. The day was Aug. 8, and I was meeting four of the women who have become my training partners and friends ....more

On the line {fall racing plans}

There are three things that you should know about me: I love coffee, I love running and I can't refuse a good deal.And it was two of those and a lack of the other that I found myself doing something that I said I wouldn't: Registering for a half marathon. I could go into a verbose explanation of the situation but here's what you need to know: I hadn't had enough coffee that day. It was a free half marathon (well, $1.60 with fees) on a weekend I had planned to run 10 miles, and there's not a whole lot of difference between running 10 and running 13 ....more

NSV: Finding Success Where I Can

The scale and I have a mutual agreement: I hate it, and it hates me. It's not the ideal relationship but it's not messy or dirty. Simple ....more

Catch Up

I have become a bag lady.Bags. So many bags. Pump bag, pump parts bag, lunch bag, gym bag, purse ....more

Say What?

"Find your strong, find your challenge."I should probably thank Saucony for giving me my favorite phrase/piece of encouragement to say during my boot camp classes.My classes, which I have been told are difficult, attract people of all fitness levels. I have people who can bust out burpees like nobody's business, casual exercisers to newbies. I try to program the 45-minute sessions so that there are different levels to each exercise ....more

Don't Do This At Home

If there was ever a day I dreaded going into a running store, it was Saturday.I had Silas' 53,203-pound car seat slung over my right arm (12-pound Silas was in it) and a box with a pair of Asics GT-3000 in my left hand. I was taking two items in but I would only be leaving with one. And since Silas was sleeping, I figured I would take him and return the shoes ....more

Weekly Training Update {8/3/15-8/915}

There are things that I wish were easy. Getting up early, nailing negative splits, picking the perfect pair of running shoes. Running, in general.Last week, all of it seemed so difficult ....more

At the crack of ... {A Three Things Thursday Post}

Five miles at 5 a.m. from the YMCA – that was the plan. And it was a good plan, too. For the most part.Oh, and by the most part, it means I learned a few things ....more

Do You Dare?

"Mommy, you know what I want to do today? I want to ride bikes to the park."Miles looked up at me with a huge grin and pleading eyes. It's hard to say no to that face and that request, especially as park trips have been few and far between this summer (record rain and flooded playgrounds).But, I had to be practical ....more