Flirting and Flinging: Balancing Romance and Safety Abroad

In April of this year, Sir Richard Branson, chairman and founder of Virgin Group, announced that on his Virgin America flights, passengers will soon be able to flirt with one another by buying each other drinks and snacks via the in-flight entertainment system....more

5 Tips on Job Hunting in France

It can be daunting to master the language of the French job search. Image source: Bonjour de France After seriously looking for work in France on both sides of the Atlantic for over a year, I finally secured a position in L’Héxagone after taking the search local for three months. As I reflect on the approach I took, I’ve realized that there were moments typical of any job hunt or phase of unemployment ....more

Beyond Cool: London’s Top Spots to See and Be Seen

Shoreditch is quickly transforming into London’s hippest hot spot, and its hotel is no less luxurious. Photo from...more

A Day in the Life of Melinda – Moving to a New Place

Meet Melinda. She’s one of Go Girl’s Associate Editors. In January she moved from her hometown near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to live with her long-term boyfriend in Rochester, New York ....more

Home Is Where Your Bunk Is…

Two years ago I went on a trip where I lived on a converted bus for a week and did a tour of America’s National Parks. I had with me only what I could pass off as hand luggage (in other words, not much). I slept at the back of the bus with the comforting chug of the engine surrounding me ....more

Four Words to Change Your Outlook on Travel

Arriving back in the United States after a year in Indonesia, I mysteriously lost my wallet, including my bank and credit cards, driver’s license, and other important documents. Recognizing this was a big deal, I cancelled my cards. Then once back in my home state of Iowa, I drove to the DMV and got myself a new license and ordered a brand new card ....more

Sunday Photo Bomb: Visual Inspiration


Travel Weary? How About a Summer Spa Break?

I am not a pampered princess, I am a Go Girl — a woman of the world who travels often and explores daily. My passport is my most treasured possession. I don’t have the time to be ill, nor do I have the time for those who try and hold me back ....more

How One Woman Makes The Difference

“Be the change you want to see in the world”- Mahatma Gandhi There’s no telling what a week in Guinea-Bissau will bring. ...more

Investigating the Personal Hierarchy of Adventure

To stay or to go? Image from There comes a point when finding a “real” job is no longer the safe thing, but the scary thing ....more