Photo of the Day: I Smile, Through Chaffed Thighs.

I write this piece, dirty and dusty, after 1.5 hours on a cantankerous horse that I think was trying to kill me today on a trail in the Santa Barbara mountains. We’re on a mini vacation on the outskirts of the S.B., and The Hubster and I thought it would be a good idea to take the kids horseback riding. Unfortunately The Babster didn’t make the age cut off so my lucky-arse husband was able to stay back at the resort and splash around in the 85-degree pool and stroll down to the private beach to collect sea shells and sing “Row Your Boat” while my ass and thighs screamed in horror as I rode astride a disobedient horse who tried to REPEATEDLY eat a swatch of grass near a 300-foot cliff while our guide kept encouraging me to pull the reigns and smack him in the ass ....more

Who Gets Away With Raping Innocent Kids? Blackinstani Folks and Really Rich White People.

This headline stuck in my craw this evening: “Du Pont Heir Gets Probation for RAPING Three-Year-Old Daughter.” The suuummmbitch… And why, pray tell, did the judge give him such a lenient sentence? Because he was so worried about the near 300-pound and over six-foot-tall pedophile having it hard in prison. So let me get this straight ....more

Lissette Gonzalez and Family Have “Happy” Fun

Most of the BBWland readers were treated to a follow up interview of Lissette Gonzalez and he fabulous family last year in the Color Blind & Valentines post....more

Where the Guys Are: New York City Version

I’ve just recently found myself living in Brooklyn, New York, and though this change wasn’t planned, it’s definitely a great opportunity to get out and meet people I often speak to but can’t keep up with due to the distance between here and New Jersey. Being in the ‘greatest city in the world’ also offers me the chance to check out new digs and give you the deets on places, people and things you may not want to miss out on. Spring is in the air, and I’m all about romance, couples and good loving ....more

Monday-Punday #29

Monday-Punday #29 Another evening wasted with SirLoinDeBeef: Things actually heard in court (word for word): Q: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact? A: Gucci sweats and Reeboks. Q: The youngest son, the twenty-year old, how old is he? ...more

White Feminist Pretending To Be “Concerned” for Asian Women Marrying White Men…Yeah Right!

This is a response post I didn’t think I would be writing because the main target of this ugly bit of racism is AW/WM couples. However, it suddenly occurred to me that this is a preemptive measure. ...more

My Take on the Jamilah Lemieux Liberal vs. Conservative Kerfuffle

When I first heard about the recent news that Jamilah Lemieux, editor of, got called out for her dismissive attitude toward conservatives and her half-apology to Raffi Williams for mistaking him for a white person, I honestly thought, “Good. Finally SOMEONE is calling out the “Twitter Liberal Elite” black folks, the monolithic group that demands you completely agree with all their liberal victimology or be utterly destroyed by their minions.” For too long, the “Twitter Black Elite” has dominated the conversation about blackness, and if anyone dare challenge them on those beliefs, they will see you dragged before the masses and flogged. Such an occurrence happened with me during the launches of No Wedding No Womb, an initiative to draw awareness and find solutions to the 70-80% out-of-wedlock rate in the black community ....more

Did You Know? Black Women Are Bashed On You Tube for Page Views.

I dapple a little on You Tube as you know, and the more time I spend there, the more I realize that there’s some sort of culture being formed by the people who search, watch and share videos there. There’s a pack of people who follow beauty and gardening blogs, and of course you know that the natural hair revolution happened there. But did you know that hands down, the most popular videos on “black You Tube” are the ones that degrade black women? ...more

Five Reasons Sociopaths Are So Good In Bed

He takes you to a five-star hotel and whispers to the concierge before you go into the room. You have drinks and he won’t take his eyes–almost predatory–off of you. ...more

Off the Runway Beauty Trends: Rose Gold and Copper Ore

You’ve already read my ode to rose gold, so I won’t bore you with more accolades. But, being the lover of copper and rose gold, I could not resist bringing you this wiry twist on the trend…read my lips…my copper colored lips…. The word on the street is, copper or rose gold is not just for decorating your pout, but it can be use in many different ways and on ...more