Weekend Favorites

Hellooooooo blog friends! Things have been kind of quiet here this week. I’ve been focusing on a to-do list that didn’t involve much blogging time ....more

Everyday Cardigan KAL: the first sleeve

I spent the weekend in Baltimore and completely forgot to write this week’s KAL post. What’s more, I didn’t remember that I’d forgotten until late Monday night. Oops ....more

Weekend Favorites

Happy Spring! There are two crocuses in my front yard, and a handful of little green tips poking out of the dirt. And the snow is finally receding ....more

Everyday Cardigan KAL: Finishing the body!

So, here we are at one of the more exciting parts of sweater-knitting: finishing the body. For those of you who are making the cap sleeve version, you will actually be completely finished knitting after this week! The rest of you will be starting an adventure of picking up stitches and knitting on double-pointed-needles ....more

Top o’ the Mornin’ Muffins

Ok, so there’s supposed to be a KAL post here today. My bad. I got caught up in all kinds of fun stuff this weekend and today, too, so… tomorrow! ...more

Weekend Favorites

I saw a crocus this week. Could it be that spring is actually coming? Let’s not talk about the potential Monday snow storm they’re alluding to ....more

Granny Square Sampler Revisited

Were you reading this blog in the summer of 2012? If so, then you might remember the Granny Square Sampler. This was a crochet-along hosted by Blair of Wise Craft, and it was inspired by a sampler afghan she saw in an old magazine ....more

Green smoothies, again

I tried twice before to embrace the green smoothie thing.The first time, I found them utterly boring, and I had trouble getting past the fact that my breakfast was entirely liquid. I wanted to bite into something solid. The second time I started with a hard-core green smoothie recipe ....more

Everyday Cardigan KAL: Just checking in this week

Last week’s assignment was bigger than usual, so I’m giving you some extra time to work on it before moving on to the next part. How is everybody doing? Have you been trying on your cardigan as you go? ...more

Better late than never

Say hello to Neil’s Christmas gift. (and, apparently, a pair of pretzel crumbs that really, really wanted to be in the shot) When I gave the blanket to Neil over two months ago, it still needed about 36 squares and a border, but I wasn’t too concerned about it. That would take at most another two weeks of nights in front of the TV, and since we were all on Christmas break, I’d have plenty of time for stitching and could probably finish it in half the time ....more