A Biggest Loser Contestant Reveals What We All Already Knew

…that the show is degrading, demoralizing, and damaging. Okay, so I’m being snarky with my tongue-in-cheek post title and I want to be clear how freaking brave I think Kai Hubbard truly is. The fact that she took a stand against what has become an (ironically) mammoth enterprise to share the gory details of her experience on the show is incredible ....more

How to Celebrate Love Your Body Month When You Don’t

{image via @yourbeautifullife} For most of us, the thought of spending an entire month in a love-fest for our bodies is a little daunting. Heck, an hour of doing so might be a little daunting. Both research and talking to anybodyanywhere confirms that the majority of us are pretty uncomfortable in our own skin, and going from that to loving our bodies feels like quite a stretch ....more

Newsflash, Facebook: Fat is Not a Feeling

Various studies have been published and are underway to better understand the impact of Facebook on our perceptions of and feelings about our bodies and selves. But apparently Facebook itself has decided that you might just need to express how “fat” you feel while using the site, and they’ve added it as an option to their list of emoticons under the heading of “feeling.” This is how that makes me feel: Because, after all, FAT IS NOT A FEELING! I never expected that it would take a graduate degree in psychology to understand this point (it obviously doesn’t, actually), but the world still seems to insist on putting the idea of fatness in the category of emotion ....more

Walmart Used the “F” Word and I Didn’t Care

Social and traditional media has been abuzz for the past day or two as Walmart got lambasted for listing larger-sized female Halloween costumes under the label “Fat Girl Costumes.” When Jezebel “exposed” the story, Twitter lit up with comments slamming the retail giant for their apparent insensitivity and shameful decision-making. “Fat Girl Costumes”? Really, @Walmart? ...more

All of the Things that Irk Me in One Single Subway Ad!

For anyone that knows me in my non-virtual life, you are likely aware of my frustration around Halloween. A few years ago I would have called it my “disdain” for the holiday, but I’m working on modulating my feelings about this day and recognizing that there may be some redeeming qualities. Like adorable children in costumes with chocolate smeared on their faces ....more

Programming Note, Part II

I truly had hoped that the post I wrote back in April explaining my missing person status would be the last of that type of post I would ever have to type. Ha! Call it relatively-new-and-somewhat-still-naive-mom-syndrome, I suppose ....more

Where are the fat eating disorder therapists?

A few weeks ago, a wanted-to-be scientist name Rachel Fox, bravely shared the fat-shaming she’s endured during her years as an undergraduate science major at a prestigious university. The overt and covert discrimination by the scientific community has led her to make the decision to say goodbye to the field altogether. Her story should make us angry ....more

An apple a day won’t keep your waistline at bay, but…

A recent study in A Cancer Journal for Clinicians...more

Could Naming Your Eating Disorder Help or Hurt?

On the heels of a wonderful #aedchat, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the concept of externalizing eating disorders. (If you missed the tweetchat, you can read the entire transcript here.) To grossly over-simplify, externalizing an eating disorder refers to the technique of considering the eating disorder as a separate entity from one’s self. Jenni Schaefer, author of Life Without Ed, is often credited as being the first to really popularize this idea ....more