The Happiness Project :: Running through the sprinkler

Oh, hello. It's been a hundred bajillion years...more

The Happiness Project :: Daydream headshots

So I did something kind of crazy... I had author headshots taken. Now I know that this might seem hasty, seeing that I'm still on my agent search but why not go for it? ...more

The Happiness Project :: Finally Querying for a Literary Agent

My husband and I have a tradition...more

The Happiness Project :: Daffodils

It's that annual time of year...more

The Happiness Project :: First Lost Tooth

So, my little booger lost his first tooth! He's so proud and feels so big. I live for these milestones ....more

The Happiness Project :: Catching the apples

So, I got all swept up with life and forgot to share about the night my mom and I dropped everything and drove to Atlanta...more

The Happiness Project :: King of the Castle

Over the years we've kept Griffin's toys so that Koen could play with them once his brother outgrew them. Add that to Koen's own collection and we have a massive amount of...more

The Happiness Project :: The perfect little bookcase

My mom gave me this adorable thrifted bookcase recently and it makes me super happy. I'm like a dragon by nature in that I like to pile up all my creative stuff and sit amongst it, like gold in a lair. I realize I sound slightly crazy here ....more

The Happiness Project :: A New Year

So I have a hundred gazillion pictures from our holidays that I could share with y'all but it seems like ages ago and I'm...more

The Legend of Tomorrow :: Episode 4

When we last left the residents...more