The Happiness Project :: A weekend in the woods

We spent last weekend at the Windmill Plantation. It was so much fun to watch the boys play in the woods....more

The Happiness Project :: Finding a bargain

Listen y'all, I know it's tacky to brag about how much you paid for something but I am just beside myself about these...more

The Happiness Project :: One last pool day

So the boys are out of school today for a teacher workday. We are playing at the pool and we have it all to ourselves. Not a bad way to spend the day! ...more

The Happiness Project :: Finding my Place

I have this little indulgent thing that I do whenever we take the boys to the bookstore. While they rummage through the children's section, I scamper off to the Fiction area and locate exactly where my novel will one day be lined up on the shelf....more

The Happiness Project :: A truck for a buck

My dad recently bought himself a new truck and so he sold us his old one for $1. It's been pretty exciting for this fishing and hunting family to have a truck to haul things back and forth. We love it ....more

The Happiness Project :: Back to School

Oh the thrill of preparing for a new school year. Supplies and lunch boxes and back packs...more

The Hapiness Project :: The last night of summer

For our last night of summer we hopped on our John boat and spent the evening fishing on the pond as a family. It was a beautiful evening, tiny bugs danced over the water and as we floated around, tossing our line into the clear water, ...more

The Happiness Project :: Writing like a mad woman

Listen, y'all, Sorry this post is so late. I'm working on a revision on my novel cause very exciting things are happening.More soon... So, if you need me I'll be pounding away at my computer ....more

The Happiness Project :: We meet!

{photo credit Foxtale Book Shoppe} So on Saturday I made a trek into Atlanta to attend Suzanne Palmieri's book signing. It was amazing! First of all, we all know that...more

The Happiness Project :: My happy boy

So, Griffin had tubes put in his ears last week....more