Sweat Once A Day

Runner. Born and raced in Vermont. Just moved from DC to Eugene, Oregon to pursue better trails and better beer. Travels with a salt shaker. 


Tweet It took me 6.5 hours to run 34 miles through some red rocks in Moab. The next race on my calendar is 6 miles longer, but took 30 minutes less than my jog around Moab when I ran it two years ago. Even with a few bonus miles ....more

The First Rundown of 2016

Clearly “blogging more” was not one of my resolutions for 2016. Actually, it kind of was. Well, not blogging specifically, but writing ....more

In Transition

While I was out on a little jog last weekend, I realized it’s been almost four months since Cascade Crest. FOUR MONTHS. That’s probably plenty sufficient for an off season, huh? ...more

Comin’ In Red Hot

For something like the fourth week in a row, I’ve declared that “THIS week, I start training again.” But then shit gets in the way and that doesn’t actually happen. Shit like work. And life ....more

The Upside of Rejection

Lottery Season 2014 was a stressful one. I was delusional in my optimism about getting into Hardrock or Western States, despite the fact that I was only slightly less likely to get struck by lightning while watching the lotteries. On the morning of the two drawings, I anxiously listened to each name called, certain I’d overcome my 2% odds and hear mine next ....more

Is This Thing Still On?

So. It’s been a while. Like over a month ....more

Training Rundown 9/28-10/4

Last week was weird. First, the woods ate my debit card while I was crewing Gordo’s 100 miler, and left me stranded with an empty tank of gas and no method of payment two hours from home. Obviously, I made it back to Eugene ....more

Off Seasoning

There are some people who LOVE the off season. I am not one of those people. After both of my 100s, I’ve discovered that my stoke level is SKY HIGH and the last thing I want to do is not run ....more

CCC100: The Threes

On August 19th, I celebrated my two year anniversary at the brewery. I don’t know how many more anniversaries I’ll mark with Ninkasi, but I’m quite confident there will be several. I adore my job, and the people that I work with, and the beer we brew (obviously) and the communities we support, and the fact that I get to spend every day exercising creativity, engaging with folks who share our love for craft, and doing silly great things like visiting local hop farms for “work” ....more

Got Questions?

My Cascade Crest 100 recap took several days, 4,227 words, and many, many beers to write and I still don’t feel like I scratched the surface of the race. Like, how did I not mention that I probably consumed an entire pound of bacon before Mile 50? Or that I had a collective 23 miles logged on all four pairs of the shoes that my crew lugged around, yet managed to escape without a single blister ....more