Sweat Once A Day

Runner. Born and raced in Vermont. Just moved from DC to Eugene, Oregon to pursue better trails and better beer. Travels with a salt shaker. 

Another Round of Cascades

Tweet An unbearable chill was pulsing through my bones. Freezing rain and relentless wind attacked me from every direction. My running gear was as wet as the sky and my bare skin trembled harder with each step against the howling storm ....more

A plug for breaks

Tweet There was nothing but jagged peaks in every direction. Endless layers of Cascades stretched across the ashen horizon, with the especially prominent crown of Mount Jefferson towering over the rest. Another of Oregon’s largest mountains unraveled beneath my feet ....more

Stepping forward

Tweet My sign had gone limp, the victim of another misty day in the Pacific Northwest. A savvier Oregonian speared her laminated poster into the damp sky. “THIS PUSSY GRABS BACK”, it screamed ....more

From Couch to Backcountry

Tweet I was standing in a long line of gore-tex and goggles, waiting to purchase a lift ticket for a day of skiing. Or for whatever tiny portion of the day remained after the endless line robbed me of several skiable hours. I was the outlier in the crowd of seasoned skiers ....more

Doing the Write Thing in 2017

Tweet The first story I wrote in 2016 was a tale of rejection. It walked its reader (singular) through humiliating breakups and infidelity, heartbreaking phone calls from potential employers that preferred other candidates, and a letter from my preferred university that politely declined the opportunity to educate me. That letter quickly became the victim of spit, scissors, and an unforgiving fire ....more

11 things that are different about this round of 100 miler training

Tweet Back when I was a beer professional, I would frequently hear our founding brewer ...more

It’s a Long Story

Tweet “I fucking hate this. I fucking hate this. I fucking hate this.” Those were the final words delivered from my mouth to the PCT at the end of my 50 mile jaunt around three of Oregon’s largest volcanoes ....more

Wilder Writing

Tweet A few months ago, I read an article in the Atlantic called “The Secret Shame of Middle-Class America”. In it, the author stuns his reader with a statistic outing 47 percent of Americans as so financially insecure, they could not afford a $400 emergency. He goes on to reveal that he’s a member of this group, which he expects to surprise you, since he boasts an impressive resume, a prestigious education, and several books to his name ....more

The Backup 100

Tweet Back in January, I sat down with my buddy SarahOUaL and started brainstorming all of the things we...more

My Big Fat Race Day Wedding

Tweet The theme of my 2016 seems to be: you can’t have it all… …but that’s probably not going to stop you from trying. I seem to pose like this a lot. Which is probably not unrelated to my never-ending quest to have ALL of the things ....more