Catching up/random thoughts, part 2: Shonda Rhimes, homosexuals, and red wine; being a woman in a man’s world

- In June, after school was out, I fell into “Scandal”. It’s unclear how it happened but Netflix is mostly to blame. I was a huge fan of Shonda Rhimes’ “Grey’s Anatomy” at the beginning, before things got stupid, and so I put my faith and many evenings into binge-watching Rhimes’ sexy series set in […] ...more

Catching up/random thoughts – part 1: autumn, Ebola, emoticons, and griping

Where have you been?! I suppose you could ask the same of me. I took a part-time job ....more

Thursday thoughts: philosopher Jo

Last Sunday morning, doing 80mph on the highway heading south to a soccer tournament, I spotted a highway patrol before I could slow down. So did seven other drivers. A few things: 1 ....more

Wednesday words on Paris: je t’aime

We got back last Tuesday but, seeing as I haven’t written in two months, what are a few days after the fact, between friends? I’ve missed each and every one of you. So Paris ....more

Wednesday’s top ten: car and driver

(This was supposed to be Tuesday’s top ten – alliteration and all that – but things are crazy around here....more

Friday fodder: social media, activism, and relativity

By now, most of you have heard or should know about the 276 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram in April....more

Wednesday words on parenting: psychobabble and raising the perfect child

When the girls were younger and another mother would say, either to them or to her own child, “Use your inside voice please”, it had the same effect on me as hearing nails on a chalkboard....more

Tuesday’s ten things, because I’ve been away so long…

…and none of these deserve their own post. Separation of church and state – fine! – but most Americans celebrate Easter or Passover and they fall within the same time frame this year, April 14-22, so what the hell are all these school districts thinking scheduling spring break in March?...more

Weekly words on gun control: anticipation

For the sake of nothing really, let’s call the school that Miss T and Bun Bun attend Hogwarts....more

Monday motherhood: the old sod, Happy St. Patrick’s Day

The earthquake this morning made me feel spry....more