Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

Elizabeth Minchilli has  been eating her way through Italy since she was 12 years old. After living here as a child with her parents, she moved back in 1988, and has been exploring Italy - it’s culture and especially the its cuisine - ever since. She's the author of seven books, and has written for over 40 magazines .

Elizabeth followed changes in publishing by moving from print to digital with ease.  She reports on all things delicious and beautiful on her popular blog Elizabeth MInchilli in Rome. She has written a series of  best selling apps: Eat Italy,  which steer people to the best places to eat, shop and drink in each city. Elizabeth also leads delicious and fun Food Tours, Cooking Classes and Day Trips. 

gurdulù {florence}

You know those Facebook memories that pop up on your wall? It’s usually pretty fun to see what you were up to last year, or….oh god, 10 years ago? Has it been that long now? ...more

a week in umbria

It’s a new year! If you’re like me, you’re busy making plans. I love January since it’s the time of year that anything seems possible ....more

cabbage & gorgonzola {pasta}

It’s only a few hours into 2017 and I’ve already gotten at least 14 emails telling me how to lose weight. How is it that when the clock turns to the new year,...more

holiday recipes from italy {2016}

How is it December 19 already? Does the first part of December just not exist anymore? If you’re like me and totally not prepared, then maybe...more

roasted cauliflower {soup}

I’m a big fan of using a tiny bit of pork to add a huge amount of flavor to otherwise vegetarian dishes. Just a few cubes of pancetta, guanciale or even prosciutto can go a long way to adding a rich, umami taste to soups or pasta made with beans, broccoli, potato or…just about anything.......more

holiday gift ideas – 2016

I’ve never been any good at writing up generic holiday gift lists. That’s because I never feel like I have a clue what other people want. I’m not a good gift giver either, especially under pressure ....more

affogato di zabaione {fiocco di neve – rome}

This post is very short. And very sweet. It’s all about a very tiny shot of heaven called Affogato di Zabaione ....more

mercato centrale {roma}

What if all your favorite food vendors were in one place? And you could both buy food from them to take home, or else sit down and have them prepare a meal for you? And what if there were also cocktails, beer, wine involved? ...more

kale + pomegranate salad

I know I shouldn’t complain. And I’m not. But at the moment we currently have so many pomegranates I don’t know what to do with them ....more

italian rustic tour with domenico minchilli

You all probably know by now that my daughter Sophie works with me. She does her own food tours in Rome, around Campo de’ Fiori, Testaccio and Trastevere as well as helping me with our Week in Rome Food Tours. But did you know that my husband Domenico has also gotten into the family tour......more