Girls Rock NC and the Power of Music

This past weekend I went on a short and much needed adventure to nearby Carroboro, a small town less than three hours from Wilmington. K, D, and I had tickets to the Girls Rock NC 10th Anniversary show, which I'd been looking forward to for months. What is Girls Rock NC? ...more

Review: The Tenth of December

photo credit I finally read Tenth of December...more

24 Hours in Asheville, NC

This past weekend, I spent a whopping 24 hours in Asheville. This did not include the 14 hours of driving that got us there and back, so you can imagine how productive the rest of my weekend was. Still, it was my first time in Asheville and I have to say: it was worth it....more

Friday Reads

I've been saving up links over the past few weeks and finally decided it was time to hit publish. Most of these were written by friends and former professors; each one is lovely and perfect.Enjoy, and happy Friday! "today I am coming out as a person that is capable of large amount of love for other persons" by John Mortara (If you haven't read John's work yet, prepare to fall in love.)...more

The Dogs Days of Summer

This past week was a good one. Nothing crazy, or out of the ordinary, or especially adventurous. Just easy, and pleasant, and nice ....more

Show Up

I enjoyed this article about The Psychology of Writing. It's...more


The fall semester started last week. I'll spare you my first day photo, even though I did head back to the classroom. I'm teaching a section of First Year Seminar at UNCW, which is basically College 101 ....more

The Freelance Life: Month Three

If I feels like this blog is becoming all freelance, all the time, I apologize. I promise to write about other things soon, but creating a new career for myself has been taking up a lot of my time and energy. Things seem to finally be settling into a comfortable routine, so hopefully I'll be able to write about something else soon ....more

This is 32

I turned 32 this past Saturday. I love my birthday and I truly enjoy getting older - so far, my 30s have been my most interesting and fulfilling decade yet. I sincerely hope that trend continues.And speaking of trends, I finally got around to writing my yearly time capsule to commemorate this occasion ....more

Published at xoJane!

Friends! I'm popping in to let you know that I have a short and sappy essay up at xoJane today. In true xoJane fashion, it's called "I Dated My Husband for 10 Years Before I Was Ready to Marry Him." In case you can't tell from the title, it's about love, marriage, and patience ....more