Art of Wore

I run a blog at, chronicling my current style obsessions, trips to Fashion Week, adventures at the thrift store, behind-the-scenes at my job as a fashion editor, and much more.

New Podcast! Unsolicited with Jenny & Mary

Totally rad artwork by Ally Creighton. Our theme music is by the amazing Seattle band Wimps. You guys!...more

Going Outside My Sartorial Comfort Zone

I saw this dress in a vintage store in Victoria, B.C. during a bachelorette weekend this spring and experienced the following thought progression: "Cute dress! It's got that whole global/artisan thing going on.""Oh look, it was handmade in India!""This dress is not my style at all. It's so .. ....more

10 Things I’ve Learned About Relationships After 10 Years with the Same Guy

My ten year anniversary is coming up this year, right around the time my fiancé and I are getting married. It’s a pretty epic milestone, considering my longest previous relationship lasted all of four months....more

Why You Should Try a French Facial

The site of my first French facial, at Jill Bucy Spa in Seattle. You've heard the hype. French women are the pinnacles of effortless youth and beauty, forever munching on baguettes and smoking cigarettes, neither of which seem to have the same consequences American women face ....more

Trend Alert: Mules are Happening

Do you have heel spurs? Have I got the shoe for you! Beloved by 18th-century socialites, Marilyn Monroe, '70s free-spirits, '90s grunge kids and now street-style stars, the mule is today's freshest shoe silhouette ....more

What to do with two weeks in New Zealand

My fiancé...more

Why I Stopped Drinking on Weekdays

A few months ago,...more

Silver + Salt

Y'all know my obsession with delicate, minimal jewelry. Add to that a local angle and I'm sold. So I was pretty psyched to discover Silver + Salt, a rad Seattle-based jewelry line by designer Christine Heidel ....more

The Classic Wool Coat

The best part about living in Seattle? You can wear wool coats all winter long. Back home in Minnesota, it's puffer coat or die ....more

The Proposal

My boyfriend, Cory, and I slept in late last Saturday, as we often do. With no real plans for the day, we ate a leisurely breakfast and contemplated some activities (check out a museum? go for a hike?)....more