I made more yarn, and I don’t know why

I’m still chugging away on the Mass Effect sweater, the front is almost finished. In the mean time, it’s so much faster to spin yarn than to knit it. I spun up six ounces of Frog Tree Meriboo, which is a 70/30 blend of merino/bamboo in “Kiwi.” This was a beautiful-looking ball of fiber, so nicely combed and soft ....more

Doing my part to help end the worldwide yarn shortage

I mean, there must be a worldwide yarn shortage, right? Why else would a perfectly sane person take time out of their busy schedule of playing video games to spin a skein of yarn by hand? This is Targhee wool from Abstract Fiber in the colorway Mt ....more

Mass Effect cross stitch project: Complete!

I’m going to do the a-hole thing and point you to the post on my other blog about this project. I cast on for the Armor Stripe Sweater last weekend. It’s… gonna take a while ....more

Sweater dreams, frogged and redesigned

It was a full four days after I ordered a sweater’s worth of brown bulky yarn before I had an epiphany. When I realized how close I came to missing the perfect opportunity for a masterpiece of nerd knitting (my specialty) I actually felt a bit dizzy. Then I raced to the WEBS site to order enough Cascade 220 to make a black sweater with a red-and-white stripe down the right arm ....more

Caturday comes early this week in NYC

Purina ONE (sponsor of the True Nature of Cats month you may remember from a while back) has opened the first Cat Cafe in North America. Lucky NYC residents can visit the Cat Cafe through April 27th, from 10AM to 7PM. The Cat Cafe is located at 168 Bowery, New York, NY 10002 ....more

Sweater dreams

This time of year, most people probably don’t start thinking about heavy wool sweaters. But I do. Spring and fall are when my house is the coldest ....more

Making a cross-stitch iPhone cover (and why you might not want to)

I recently (fiiiiinally) finished my Mass Effect iPhone cover. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But I’m not sure it’s actually such a good idea ....more

I made a thing

A cross-post of sorts from my video game blog. I created a “Let’s Play” video, which is where you record your gameplay along with your headset audio. It’s like a real-time commentary track, but with a lot more awkwardness ....more


This time of year my front yard becomes a singles bar for amphibians. “Hey baby” the frogs croak. “You work out? ...more

Surprise! The socks are done.

It’s not an April Fool’s prank, they really are finished. And they even almost match! Opal sock yarn may not be the softest, and I know many knitters prize softness above all other qualities ....more