She’s Done. Stop Bugging Her About Being Single: Guest Post

Below is a guest post from a very loyal reader of The Spinsterlicious Life. I think Dee is amazing: she’s mart, funny, and adventurous. ...more

I Climbed a Mountain. I Really Did!

“What made me think I wanted to climb a mountain?”, I said to myself, out loud, in hour 3, Day 1 of the slow, extremely strenuous, even boring trudge toward the summit of Mount Toubkal in the High Atlas Mountain range of Morocco. ...more

You Don’t Know Why I’m Not Married

A couple of years ago, right around the time the latest U.S. Census (and other studies) demonstrated the rise in single people, there began a similar growth in articles and blog posts arguing both sides of the issue: why being single is the new normal (and is ok) AND why being single is still a pathetic … Continue reading → ...more

Sure, Call Me Ma’am

A few years ago, a nice young man offered me his seat on a crowded New York City subway. In his offer, however, he called me “ma’am.” I was confused for a moment. I looked around to make sure he was in fact talking to me ....more

It’s Complicated

“You are so smart not to have gotten married.” These are the words I heard from a dear long-time married-with-children friend. Her voice was strong and she sounded resolute; her husband had gotten on her very last nerve. She finished her comment with “and if you blog about it, you can use my real name ....more

Seeking New Heights…Literally

Seeking New Heights…Literally ...more

Life…And Re-thinking A Few Things

One of the easy things about being fresh-and-young is that we don’t even know how much we don’t know. I –like so many young people—had lots of opinions on all kinds of things that had to be true simply because I thought them. Now that I’m young, primarily only in my head, I’ve managed to evolve … Continue reading → ...more

My Next Spinsterlicious Adventure

One of the things I love about being single is that I have the freedom to take off on an adventure whenever it suits me (after checking in with my bank account, of course). Traveling is one of my passions; I’ve been many places –22 countries—and there are many more I need to get to. I’m … Continue reading → ...more

…And You Don’t Have Kids???

“Having a baby is like getting a tattoo on your face. ...more

Part-Time Lovers: The Next New Thing?

It’s been interesting to me the way being single has become such a popular topic over the past couple of years. ...more