Carol Cassara

I'm a writer living in Northern California. I blog daily at and my essays have appeared in various publications, including the Christian Science Monitor, Chicken Soup for the Soul, the San Francisco Chronicle and others.

Dog with blog, again

Riley’s got the blog again. What’s not to like about a dog with blog? Who’s that I see out of the corner of my eye? ...more

Too many choices

In the airport the other day I got a little pang of–was it regret?– as I watched business travelers 20 or so years younger than me tote their briefcases, check their email, talk on their cellphones about products, meetings, concepts....more

Dead or alive, it’s all the same

My spiritual journey has been going on a long time…a very long time. After decades of exploration, I ended up with a belief structure that’s...more

How to plan a renovation

This is the first of at least three posts on renovations–in general, and ours in particular. Come in! You’ve heard the scare stories about the renovations from hell, right? ...more

How to maintain a long-distance friendship

I am the queen of the long distance relationship and that includes friendships. My policy is, why let geography limit you? Here’s why: because it means you can’t be there in person when you want ....more

The glory of being limitless

I love getting daily inspirational messages. You know, the kind that resonate with me. What resonates for me might not do the same for you ....more

Tomato sauce for comfort

Comfort food for Sicilians is pasta with tomato sauce. And in a time like this, when the things that have happened in the world, our country, our city, our block, become too much to handle, we Sicilians head for the kitchen. Because losing ourselves in the routine of chopping, measuring, simmering and eating is about the only thing we can do to comfort ourselves....more

Accepting what is

Accepting life....more

Just show up

Just show up....more

6 ways to protect your teen

Today, I’m raising the curtain on something that’s a parent’s nightmare. What follows is content that will disturb you, and yet it’s something that every parent needs to know about in order to do their best to protect their children....more