Carol Cassara

I'm a writer living in Northern California. I blog daily at and my essays have appeared in various publications, including the Christian Science Monitor, Chicken Soup for the Soul, the San Francisco Chronicle and others.

Every women should know ….


We were the world. Were we?

Remember when all those fantastic musicians got together for aid to Africa? Their catchy song, We Are the World,...more

How to set limits

I learned how to set limits back in the late 1980s, when I was training to be an emotional support volunteer with people who had HIV or AIDS. The idea then was to ensure that we knew how to take care of ourselves so that we didn’t burn out, and one important aspect of that was learning to set appropriate boundaries. And while I know how to do that, and sometimes do it very well, other times I really do need a reminder ....more

High heels or no?

My happy place is Macy’s shoe department in San Francisco. I could spend hours in there, and have. My nearby...more

Easy summer recipes

Absolutely no one likes to slave for hours over a hot stove or oven in the summertime, including me. I’m sure you agree. And with the abundance of colorful, ripe produce available now, there’s no need to ....more

Does unconditional love exist?

A wise friend commented the other day: “Sometimes, unconditional love comes with conditions.” He threw it out there, almost without thinking, but I DID think about it. It was a provocative statement, because it implies that there may be no unconditional love. Of course, we believe unconditional love is the gold standard ....more

Penis bling

The other day I looked at the data that shows me what posts people call up and “penis decor” was a search term that got someone to my blog. So I went on a search. Did you know there is an Etsy shop for penis bling? ...more

What I learned from horrible bosses

Ok. So. Which of the following things about my former bosses is...more

The two-way street of friendship

There’s a lot going on in my life and only so much time, which means I can’t do everything. As part of my ongoing effort to set limits for myself, I’ll sometimes look at relationships that are beginning to feel...more

Chocolate or vanilla

As part of an exercise for school I had to ask people who know me well to give me some of my positive traits. I was happy to see one of my nephews...more