My Coffee is Cold

I'm a Southern wife, mother and Christian. I blog about parenting, life after an Autism diagnosis for our oldest, building our dream home, cooking, etc. I'm a smidge sarcastic and run solely on strong coffee. 

Disney Bound!

We’re leaving for Disney this week, and it’s the boys’ first trip. I am AMPED, you guys. Like, it’s a little sad how excited I am ....more

Brody’s Room Update

The boys’ rooms have come a long way since we moved in, but they’re not quite “finished.” Though, is any room really ever finished? Probably not! This is what Brody’s room looked like when we moved in ....more

Side hugs and tatertot casserole

Last night was the night- our Duggar premiere party! The new season of “19 Kids and Counting” began last night, and my fellow Duggar-lovers and I decided to celebrate. My friend, Carrie, and I hosted the party at my house, and it was a BLAST! ...more

Random week update

This has been a busy week, hence the lack of blogging. Mainly just lots to do at work, and our house is always a busy place. We are trying to start going to dinner & service at church Wednesday nights, which is extra work to get the kids ready and out, but it’s fun and breaks up the monotony of the week ....more

test 2




Child of Mine

A short snippet that is all things Brody (aka my child that may cause me to lose my mind by the time he reaches teenage-hood): Me: “Brody. You can either sit nicely on the couch or go to bed. What do you choose?” Brody: “Cookies.” Me: “…” ...more

Charleston Day Trip

Last weekend, Trevor and I took a day trip to Charleston, SC. How lucky are we that we can get there in about two hours?! My mom had watched the boys on Friday while I went to work and kept them for us the entire weekend, which was amazing ....more

A life un-Pinteresting

I struggle with comparisons, and I would venture a guess and say that most women have compared themselves with another at some point in the past week… maybe even the last hour. Social media is a huge perpetrator in the comparison game- we’re bombarded with pictures of “perfection” anywhere we look. We have to realize, […] ...more

Not Quite

My kids like Pop-Tarts. A lot. When we realized that Knox had a soy allergy, our selection of me-approved convenience foods was slashed down to a minuscule selection....more