Late Enough

I went from an undergraduate degree in philosophy to a medical degree to a stay-at-home mom, poet, and writer by 30. Now I spends most of my writing time on, a humor blog, except when it’s serious, about life, parenting, marriage, culture, religion and politics. I have a muse of a husband, two young children, four cats, one puppy and a readership that gives me hope for humanity.

Irreverent Reviews: Stonyfield Products Oh My Yog! and OP (sponsored)

Over the last few years, Late Enough has teamed up...more

I Went To The Grocery Store With Three Kids And Other Reasons I Would Like A Parade

The other day, I had an errand to run at the grocery store. I also had all three kids with me and decided to go to the grocery store after school anyway. When we got there, it was bumping, but I still parked the car, unbuckled all the kids, got all my stuff to cover all possible baby mishaps, and headed inside ....more

My Sister’s Wedding: Happy One Year Anniversary!

Between my sister’s birthday and her one year wedding anniversary is the perfect time to FINALLY post about her amazing Southern wedding. (Seriously, she’s been featured in like eight magazines.) My first worry was my kids being able to stay up late enough for auntie’s big day (weekend!) especially since we were...more

Spring Break For Kindergartners Is No Joke

I really didn’t think I’d take a week off of writing. Then again, I didn’t realize I’d agreed to the 5-year-old version of Cancun. For N’s Spring Break, we painted pottery, shopped, ice skated, went to the children’s museum, did arts & crafts, took 20 books out of the library, saw Cinderella (the movie not the princess), shopped again, rode a train, bowled, won 7 rubber duckies at the arcade, saw every other family member in a 200 miles radius — all while getting in our regular reading, writing, drawing, and playing pretend ....more

I Love You Just The Way You Are, Mama

One lucky mama. A few...more

Are You Mom Enough To Distinguish Your Baby’s Cries?

One of the worst question I have been asked as a new mom — and even as a seasoned mom — is: Can you distinguish your baby’s cries? What? Can I tell if my screaming, squirming baby wants to eat or sleep by the pitch and tone of noises he...more

A Personalize Easter Book Giveaway For You!

Let’s not forget that all this...more

Ten Lent Ideas For People Unwilling To Give Up Procrastination

Lent started on Ash Wednesday, but I’m still struggling to figure out how to acknowledge it in my life. Hence, I’ve taken my six extra days of no Lent to figure it out, and I’ll just have to do one of these ten things on Sundays as well. Don’t tell God! ...more

Valentine’s Day Cards For Babies Because I Have No Off Button

This is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve done, but I made Valentine’s cards for 25 babies. First, I made a card on picmonkey (without the name blurred out) for free. HAHA! ...more