The Windy City Wilsons

31-year old wife & mother who loves to eat vegetarian, read good books, drink margaritas, shop at Target, watch mindless television, and cook! I'm also a baby loss mama-- lost our firstborn son at full term to stillbirth in December 2010. Our second son was born in 2012 and our third and final child, a daughter, was born abruptly via emergency c-section in January of 2014. We might be closing up shop with pregnancy, but our lives are all kinds of crazy with these kids.

Conversations with Benjamin: Part I

My friend Brooke inspired me with her recent posts about her daughter, Zuzu, and the hilarity that is spoken in her house. You have to go over and read her posts... toddlers are a riot.--Scene: Early morning and the kids are rummaging around in our bedroom ....more

We Remember, 2014

This is our fifth Christmas since becoming pregnant with Andrew. All five of which he was not here to celebrate with us. Each year I struggle with decorations ....more

Gobble Gobble

We headed east for Thanksgiving like we've done in the past. We have family in Pittsburgh, which is about a 7-hour drive from Chicago. We love Pittsburgh ....more

Letters to Andrew: 4th Birthday Edition

Just over a month before Andrew was born, we were sitting in a soccer stadium in downtown Chicago watching my cousin's game with my aunt and my cousin's girlfriend (now wife-- Benjamin went to the wedding in 2012). I remember telling her how nervous I was to give birth because it was scary and foreign and sounded, well, painful.I vividly remember her telling me that no matter how much pain, in the end, we will get to take home the most wonderful gift ever when it's all over. Those words are burned in my memory, because that never happened ....more

Dear Abby: Stating the Bad

Despite this being our big grief month, we still have to carry on and parent our living children, sometimes lacking the correct way to handle the many adventures Benjamin throws at us. Here's my Dear Abby...more

Name Mix-up

There's this one mom who brings her son to storytime each week. He appears to be a bit younger than Benjamin, but not by much. She also totes along her daughter who is 7 months.During storytime this morning, the kids were working with shapes of different materials and textures and then finding the location in the room to match the same color and material ....more

It's the Most HAPPY & SAD Time of Year....

We're kind of going big for Christmas this year. It wasn't intentional, but I've stocked up on things throughout the year, visited a toy resale and scored big, and made a purchase that I hope to not regret as a shared gift that will only be unveiled Christmas morning on Instagram. I have to leave some secrets, as you all know I won't be busting out with anymore "I'm pregnant" announcements (which is why most people read blogs in my age group anyway, KWIM?).Some ramblings of the happy.. ....more

Consistently Inconsistent

The journey in parenting a toddler continues to confuse the crap out of me.He will go weeks without tantrums and psychotic behavior, and then turns a corner and goes almost nowhere and does almost nothing without throwing himself on the floor in rage.He goes weeks and weeks using the potty at home and then goes weeks refusing to use it at all.He eats all three meals like a champ and then the next day is given the exact same favorite foods and eats almost no bites.He went years happily bathing at night and not wanting to get out of the tub to not wanting to take any form of bath or shower at all in the last few weeks. Don't come too close to this kid, he probably hasn't used soap in awhile.There's just about nothing that makes sense with him. It's all about negotiation and bartering ....more

Egg Allergy

My children come from a family with very few allergies to food. Skin is a whole different story, but foods are generally a-ok in our world. Benjamin has eaten everything under the sun (well, until he shunned food from 13-months until present) ....more

Veterans Day

Having married a former Air Force guy myself, I know quite a few people who have served in active duty. Many of those people have risked their lives places faraway and sacrificed it all for the freedom of our great nation.Today, we honor you all. Thank you.We also have someone near and dear to our hearts that is celebrating another Veterans Day ....more