The Work of Happiness

What does it take to be happy?Happiness seems to be a popular topic these days, inspiring research, TED talks, and lots and lots of books. I've recently read a few of these, including most of The Happiness Hypothesis, which I was enjoying but took a break from because I left my Kindle in Big Sur (Big Sur+good book+great friends=Happy, by the way). And most recently, I read Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin, as a part of From Left to Write.I have always been a fairly optimistic, happy person ....more

New Year, New Direction

It is no surprise to my regular readers, if I still have any, that I haven't been blogging on a regular basis. I'm not going to make excuses—I just haven't made time for it. And though I know my writing seems effortless (yes, that was sarcasm), it usually takes me an hour or two, sometimes more, to write a decent post.But I don't want to abandon the blog ....more

My Return to Work by the Numbers

It's been a busy while since I've written anything here. So I figured I'd do a quick update with some stats from the past two months, in no particular order: Number of trips to urgent care and/or the emergency room: 3 (two for Moe, one for me). We're all fine ....more

Staying Connected After Returning to Work

Tomorrow, I'm returning to full time work after being a stay at home mom for over six years. In some ways, it seems like yesterday I was working at my last start-up. In other ways, I am a completely different person ....more

Why We're Done With Speech Therapy

Moe has had speech therapy since he was two years old. That's just over four years of speech therapy. Moe has gotten speech from early intervention, from the school district, and from a private highly recommended speech therapy practice.We've used various methodologies from fill-ins, to singing, to PROMPT, a method designed to help people like Moe with apraxia.Moe still doesn't talk ....more

Making Positive Changes in the Wake of the Stapleton Tragedy

If you follow many autism blogs or are involved in the autism communities on Facebook, you have certainly by now heard about the attempted murder-suicide of Issy Stapleton by her mother, Kelli.I did not know Kelli, nor did I follow her blog closely. I make no attempt to defend an indefensible act and I certainly won't give any of my blog's space to those who do. She has been arrested and is in the hands of the justice system now ....more

Gold Medal Winner

In the special needs community, we like to say "there are no winners in the hardship olympics." There's no better way to make a parent feel lousy than to one-up her with your own problems. You know the type, right? If I said "Poor Moe has had a fever for two days" she would say "That's nothing! ...more

The Day I Lost My Mind

Out to breakfast! Write it down, people. August 28, 2013: The day I officially lost my mind ....more

Skills, Expertise, and Cheese

A couple years ago I wrote a piece about being (or not being) really good at something. With autistic people, such talents are often called "splinter skills," meaning that an otherwise "low functioning" individual might have one outstanding skill. For some that may be true, but autistic people, like anyone, can be good at one thing or at many things ....more

It's a Good Life

Yesterday afternoon, Moe ran over to Anabelle, grabbed her ponytail, and threw her to the floor. As far as I could tell, he wasn't being mean, just impulsive. She was frightened, of course, but not hurt ....more