#DumpTheGym, Send Bill to Refine (Plus Oiselle Refine Class)

I don’t usually run much in the winter anyway, but right now I actually can’t run because I strained my hip during the Bellingham Bay Marathon (UPHILL. SO MANY.) and I need to work on strengthening my butt. This works out well because my favorite workout in the world, Refine Method, recently opened a new location that is actually convenient for me from Jersey City ....more

TCS NYC Marathon: Believe the Hype

“I’m really glad I did this today. But I’m good. 45 minutes to get out of the park in the freezing cold? ...more

My 2014 NYC Marathon Goal

Somehow, lots and lots of time has passed since I first started marathon training back in May because it’s now NYC Marathon weekend! I was already registered for the Bellingham Bay Marathon when the opportunity to run the NYC Marathon for American Cancer Society’s Team DetermiNation popped up. I had no interest in running a second marathon this year, but I couldn’t resist ....more

Bellingham Bay Marathon Race Recap

My problem with writing this recap is beginning it. I have no idea how to begin, or where. I’ll start by saying this: I am SO happy I got to spend the weekend of September 28 with my family ....more

Marathon Tomorow

September 28 is finally here. I’m writing this post on my phone in a bed in a rented house in Bellingham, Washington for the Bellingham Bay Marathon. My goal is sub-4 ....more

The Blog

Well. I haven’t blogged in three weeks – right before I started my new job. And as week after week goes by and I fall further behind in writing...more

Life Updates in Bullet Form (And A Brooklyn Race Discount)

I’ve been devoting my weekly blog post to marathon training weekly recaps. They take a lot of time, and it takes everything I have to even get those up. So, I haven’t really been blogging about anything else and I imagine some of you are bored by me ....more

Bellingham Bay Marathon Training: Week 11 – Mistakes and Praise

At the end of an interval, my watch beeps. It beeps, I stop. But it actually beeps a few times in a row ....more

Bellingham Bay Marathon Training: Week 10 – The Ultimate Runner’s High

Saturday’s scary-sounding long run — while really hard at the time — went so amazingly well that I’ve been on the ultimate runner’s...more

Bellingham Bay Marathon Training: Week 9 – A Much Needed Great Week

dffudid —> All weekly recap posts begin this way. I out a bunch of random letters in to hold the space for the intro, because if I paste the bulleted section below first, it messes up the formatting for the entire post. Today, I decided to keep the gibberish ....more