The Declassified Adoptee

I am a mom, wife, social worker, feminist, activist, author, graduate clinical social work student, and adult adoptee.  I blog about adoption through narrative sharing, discussing research and news, and exploring topics of social justice, and policy reform in various aspects of life, usually as they intersect in adoption. My blog, The Declassified Adoptee, was named a Top 20 Adoption Blog by Adoptive Families Magazine.

Happy Reunionversary: 9 Things I've Learned in 5 Years of Reunion

My necklace of our matching pair. I had already known my original mother's name for several months before we reunited. As is the practice in my birth state, most adoptees can have their original birth certificates and know their mother's name using the established government channel ....more

National Adoption Month? The Lost Daughters #flipthescript

Headed by @mothermade, Lost Daughters is flipping the script with this awesome round table style video by Bryan Tucker. Click here for the full length version and remember to share with the tags #NationalAdoptionMonth and #flipthescript. Being grateful for my adoptive family & questioning the ethics of modern adoption practices are not mutually exclusive ....more

PA, Adoptee Rights, and an Amended Bill--What now?

Photo (c) Julie Stromberg On Tuesday, September 16, 2014, the Pennsylvania Senate Aging and Youth Committee held a voting hearing for HB 162. ...more

Adoption and Fundraising: When Money to Breaks Down Systemic Barriers for Families

Aselefech runs for family preservation. There are a number of factors behind why I was placed for adoption. ...more

As Rightful Narrators: Adoption, RAD, and Storytelling

Recently, the New York Times Motherlode blog posted an essay by author Tina Traster entitled, "You're not my Real Mother." ...more

"I do not Have to Help Them": Pushing Back Against the Apathy of Those With Power

"The Representative would like to meet with you," came a young woman's voice over the speaker of my cell phone. "It is urgent. You must come to Harrisburg as soon as possible." I agreed to attend, and quickly contacted two other adoption activists ....more

On NPR & Transracial Adoption: Who Gets to do the Teaching?

It would be nice if transracial adoptees were asked more often to share their own experiences of "double takes" and discrimination.— Nicole 수...more

"It's my Job to Pay Attention:" New Conversations in the Shifting Paradigm of Adoption

From a scrapbook my maternalaunt made me. The other day, I had an interesting exchange with one of my best friends. ...more