The Soup Chick hangs up her ladle

Since 2010, we've made a lot of soups, shared a lot of recipes, and found the courage to toss whatever we have in the pantry into the stockpot, slow cooker or pressure cooker, secure in the knowledge that soup will emerge. Now it's time for me to lug my Dutch oven, containers of frozen stock, and ladles back into The Perfect Pantry® kitchen, where I spend most of my time. I know that many of you also follow The Perfect Pantry, and I've always posted...more

The Saturday Simmer: Pasta soup recipes

It's said that bacon makes everything better, but when it comes to soup, a little bit of pasta makes everything better. You can use any shape, any size from tiny ditallini to the largest noodles (as evidence by this great lasagna soup, from Framed Cooks), mix and match from your leftover pasta jar. Just a handful of pasta will help thicken and enrich vegetable soups, create a satisfying mouth feel without any meat at all, and stretch a small amount of soup into a meal for a crowd ....more

The Saturday Simmer: Soup recipes made with coconut milk

For people who cannot eat dairy products, coconut milk can be a lifesaver. In soups like this unusual black bean soup with coconut and cilantro, from Apron Strings, coconut milk brings its creamy richness to balance the earthy texture of the beans. Many cuisines rely on coconut milk, including Thai, Indian, and Jamaican, so there's a lot to choose from when you're making soup ....more

The Saturday Simmer: Vegetarian asparagus soup recipes (hot and cold)

I know I'm rushing the season a bit, but I just can't help it. I adore asparagus, and as soon as it starts to show up in the grocery store -- from who-knows-where -- I lose my resolve to wait until May, when I can buy local spears at the farmers' market. If you're impatient like I am, or if you're lucky enough to live in a place where you can get local asparagus now, this Simmer is for you ....more

The Saturday Simmer: Tortilla soup recipes

My husband Ted's aunt and uncle live near Lake Chapala in central Mexico. On one of our visits, on one of those blazing hot days that sound so good to us here in Rhode Island at this time of year, we went out for lunch to a little local restaurant, and we ordered tortilla soup, nothing as inventive as this white bean chipotle chicken tortilla soup from Soup Addict, but very good. Yes, it is true: hot soup on a hot day will help you cool down ....more

The Saturday Simmer: Slow cooker or stovetop chicken stew recipes

With the possible exception of chocolate cake, nothing in the world soothes the aching spirit more than chicken stew. And when we need to soothe our aching bodies, too, these are the recipes to do the job. Now that most of the snow has melted off the garden, we're out there on weekends tidying up, pruning and trimming and hauling debris to the compost pile ....more

The Saturday Simmer: Miso soup recipes

Do you fall in love with miso soup every time you eat at a Japanese restaurant, but think the soup is too hard to make at home? It's not complicated, and even if you don't have a pantry full of exotic ingredients, you can make a satisfying bowl of soup with only miso and water. Miso, which you find in the refrigerated aisle of many grocery stores (or in an Asian market), comes in different colors ....more

The Saturday Simmer: Indian-spiced soups and stew recipes

No cuisine brings spices together quite like Indian cuisine: the warm spices like coriander, cumin, cinnamon, turmeric and pepper, and the blends of curry powder and garam masala. These, along with garlic, onions and sometimes ginger, characterize the most popular Indian-spiced soups and curries like this butter chicken from No Recipes. At first glance, many Indian recipes look complicated, with long lists of ingredients, but the method for cooking them is not complicated at all ....more

The Saturday Simmer: Soups enriched with quinoa

Vegetable soups have the power to cure whatever ails you -- low energy, too much snow, late nights at work -- but, let's face it, a bowl of vegetables in broth can be a bit thin and unsatisfying. Quinoa to the rescue! Quinoa thickens without adding any strong flavor, and it does so with just a few minutes of cooking in recipes like this spiced quinoa vegetable soup, from Everyday Maven ....more

The Saturday Simmer: Baked potato soup recipes

What's more comforting in the bleak midwinter than a baked potato? You guessed it: a baked potato soup. Whether you start with raw potatoes or leftover baked potatoes, soups like this baked potato soup, from Eat at Home, are sure to please everyone on your snow shoveling crew ....more