hello 2014!

happy new year! we've been hit with a stomach bug over here so our new years eve was just about as exciting as you can imagine with four sick kids... i will be so happy to leave flu season behind! ...more

scenes from christmas

christmas seemed to breeze by this year as we just barely recovered from an awful cold that's been going around. the kids were sick and then of course we caught it and that meant not much was done around here the past few weeks. thankfully, we were feeling better just in time to wrap up the christmas shopping and enjoy a handful of our favorite traditions (like visiting curly the camel and baking gingerbread cookies)....more


we're in our last week of counting down to christmas over here and that means the last row of treats on our advent calendar. it's one of the kids' favorite times of the year and they've been jumping with joy talking about when baby jesus will be born!this is the advent calendar i made for our family several years ago and it's still holding up great. i think we will use it for a long time to come! ...more

oh christmas tree!

i've been positively itching to go get our christmas tree for the past month... something about the chilly weather and lights everywhere, this season is just so lovely! but with everyone sick over here last week (except for me, knock on wood), we put it off for a bit longer so we could all pick one out together ....more


we had a really wonderful thanksgiving this year and even managed to host a few people in our teeny tiny space. i never used to like thanksgiving that much but now that we have our own family and our little traditions, it's something i look forward to. we make a lazy day of it and love staying at home, watching movies, playing charades, and cooking up a feast ....more


it's been one of those months. you know, those months where everyone is sick and your to do list is overflowing with tasks and you would practical pay someone to take over just so you can go and sleep for 24 hours. that kind of month ....more

these days

hello november! it's been a bit of a rainy week around here which means lots of coloring, hot cocoa, and playing inside. it's already starting to get dark before 5 pm (nooooooo...) and i definitely feel our small space more in the winter months than other times of the year ....more

trick or treat

happy halloween! the kids were so excited and bouncing off the walls all day (and that was before having any candy). the little ones were up by 6 am and then...more

scenes from the weekend

we had a perfectly crisp fall weekend over here. you know the kind where the sun is shining and the wind is blowing just enough to send trails of leaves floating up over the kids while they squeal and jump to catch them. yes, those kinds of days ....more

low tide

we spent one last warm day down at the beach a couple weeks ago and i'm just now getting around to the photos... with the chilly air outside i love remembering these longer days where the kids were wading in tide pools and soaking up the amazing world around them. nature is pretty fantastic!...more