a day of Whys

I woke up to the taste of saltwater.And the refrain of a bittersweet birthday song.I'd been dreaming. ...more

2014 Crazy Christmas Gifts You Didn't Get

I know… we’ve been pathetically absent from the blog.We are still alive.Still fighting the good fight against stoopid cancer.Still losing teeth and growing like a weed (thankfully only Boog).We moved.This is still my favorite part of the whole place. The orchard and the pumphouse covered in roses are close seconds.Or the resident bald eagle and deer families in our backyard.Or the quail!...more

not for the faint of intestine

I’d say it’s not for the faint of heart, but the unfortunate reality is that there is a significant grossness to report from the past few weeks. ...more

unexpected texts, and other painful things

My sister sent me a picture the other day. ...more

Shooting our wounded

I don’t share this often. ...more

online shopping gone wrong… horribly wrong

I do many things that come back to bite me....more

Househunting: the good, the bad… nevermind, let’s just do the FAILS

Y’all… Sometimes I just click on a realtor’s website and a mental soundtrack of ...more

whizza whazza?

I usually stay away from anything that could be remotely construed as political on this here blog. ...more

you are more than your voice

He breaks my heart in a place that is already broken. ...more

our annual random Christmas gift list

because it’s not truly almost the end of the year unless you’ve stumbled across these things that your life would not be complete without. ...more