Puma Photo

Here at last is a picture of Dad's "rented" cat, Puma....more

Oven Demo

I've mentioned before that the couple I bought this house from had a tendency to cut corners when they purchased things for their home....more

My 15 Minutes of Fame

I have a long history of discovering fabulous little restaurants about a month before they die....more

Leasing a Puma

The last six weeks have been pretty harrowing....more

"It's Not My Fault"

Today is the last day of the winter break for the school where I teach online classes, but it hasn't been much of a break for me....more

Three Sweet Potatoes for Thanksgiving

Yesterday was, of course, Thanksgiving Day....more

The Cookie Legacy

Back at the beginning of this blog I posted a number of my mother's Christmas recipes here....more

The Return of the Prodigal Cat

As I mentioned in my last post, my cat Charlie went AWOL at the beginning of September.He was out in the screened porch when a sudden thunderstorm blew in....more

Returning to Reality

Sue and I were very fortunate to have a wonderful, relaxing vacation in what must be one of the most beautiful areas on earth....more

By Train to Anchorage

We returned from Denali to Anchorage by double-decker train; the passengers sat on the top level and the bottom level was a dining car....more