Oh, hi!

John is in town! David is sick! Isabelle has a scratch on her lip from the cat! Charlie is hungry! ...more

Books! A Good American

A Good American by Alex George ...more

V Day 2013

We had ourselves a merry little Valentine's Day.  ...more

The Big Change

I've been going through my work computer getting everything ready for the big change.  The big change that means I'm going freelance full-time and in the process getting super excited, panicking, super excited, panicking, repeat.  It's been something I've been thinking and talking about for a while and it just seems like now is the time, crazy as it sounds.  David has always been amazingly supportive and working at such a great company with a group of creative people who ...more


I think I'm going to start posting my favorite boots of the week.  We'll see how long this lasts.  Bring back the Doc Martens! ...more

What to Watch: First Position

No more ear talk around here.  I PROMISE. So.... Last night I watched First Position since David was gone and it's been in my Netflix queue for weeks.  We've been watching way too much It's Always Sunny together and I needed a little break.  Documentary, yes!  Ballet, yes!  No boys, yes! ...more

Myringotomy, take 2

I need to add to that last post.  ...more



i love cats

I'll get to Christmas part 2 eventually.  I think.  After all, this blog is really just so I can remember what was going on in 2---.    ...more

The Heiress

Last night I saw Cousin Matthew on Broadway! ...more