Backpacking Trial

I've decided on a blog shift. ...more

Gingerbread Houses 2015

(note: for detailed directions on how to host your own gingerbread house party, visit this post) After needing to take a break last year, we were back to gingerbread houses this year! ...more

Christmas Parade Fun

A few weeks ago, we took the kids out to the annual Christmas parade. ...more

Be Brave, Be Thankful Race

I've got a backlog of posts I've put off writing that I really need to get done now that the year is ending. ...more

A (very) Belated Race Report

Remember last year when I said I had run my last running race? ...more

Five Years Old!

Secora turned FIVE a couple days ago! ...more

Halloween Fun

Halloween has come and gone for another year! ...more

Girl Scout Opportunities

When I was a kid, girl scouts (or at least the troop I was in) was kind of a drag. ...more


A certain amazing kiddo turned 11 today! She decided to go to the Houston Children's Museum for her birthday, so we did that earlier this week. The night before we went, she had lots of fun with presents and cake: She is a huge fan of the Rick Riordan books and has really been looking forward to his new book, which was released the day we were opening presents ....more

When Homeschooling Works

Two years ago, we started having a regular poetry tea time as part of a writing program we were trying out. ...more