The Day Before Easter

Happy Easter, everyone! ...more

Spring Lacrosse

Henry is playing on two lacrosse teams: ...more

The Moon Journal

We've all been over-conscious of the moon lately. ...more

Switched at Birth?

Last week after I posted this photo of Josie on my blog ... I got a phone call from Gordy. ...more

The Spring Band Zing & String Fling!

Last night was the bi-annual elementary school band and orchestra concert. ...more

A Very Important Person: The Recap

I've been out-of-the-loop with this whole Josie / Third Grade VIP week. ...more

The Non-Post Post

I think this picture of Josie perfectly sums up our past few weeks. We are all tired here in the House of Elliot. Hockey has FINALLY ended ....more

The Very Important Person

This is Josie's week as the VIP in her third grade classroom. ...more

I Add To My Resume

It is time for me to admit that my career path has changed. I once proudly identified myself as a Mother, but it's obvious based on the amount of hours spent doing this one particular activity, that I have officially become a Laundress. When I graduated from a pricey four-year liberal arts college 20 years ago, I never thought that I would have such an illustrious career ahead of me ....more

I've Waited Weeks To Write This Post

On Saturday, it was finally warm enough (and I do mean "enough") to go outside and play. ...more