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What to Pack for BlogHer: Your Etiquette

Zipper repaired on suitcase? Check.Comfortable yet still somewhat fashionable walking shoes? Check.Phone charger? ...more

The Secret to Beautiful Summer Hair

For those of you in my Day Late Dollar Short club,...more

You Can't Hide Your Lyin' Eggs

Chickens lay eggs, people lie down.I remember learning this, but then what about, “Now I lay me down to sleep…?”Because I'm trying to get through a scene in this story I'm writing and I just need someone to be in a...more

Call on That Love

This isn't the post I had scheduled for today when I filled out my blogging calendar. But two weeks ago, I didn't expect to attend a funeral for an 18-year-old-child.The most...more

There's a Few Things in This House

So many square feet, and a few of them are used wisely. The house we live in is still standing ten+ years after we first inhabited it, and...more

So Glad They Told Me

It's an exciting day.So Glad They Told Me, a collection of 60 essays on the truth of motherhood, is set to be released this August.You can read of the contributors here and find more details on what is sure to be a treasured collection, on HerStories Project ....more

To Remind Yourself to Breathe

Since Sunday, I've needed to find a place to take a breath, and it's been impossible. For 18 years now, I've been the mother of this child you see here. When I took this picture, he had been riding a bicycle on his own without the steadying hand of either me or his father for the whole of two feet ....more

Donald Trump is More Than Politics

These are the words from my older sister, Leonor Rosas, who has asked me to run her story on my blog. She has given me my family's life story, because "This country is more broken than I have ever witnessed it....more