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The Last Story


On LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER MILWAUKEE and The National Grand Finale Season

I have always loved words, the stories they tell and the emotions...more


We've got an incredible show set for our Milwaukee audience on Sunday, May 7, 3pm at Alverno College Wehr Hall.This will be LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Milwaukee's final show and the stories you'll be hearing will be community building and heart soaring.Come see for yourselves.Click over to meet our fantastic LTYM Milwaukee 2017 cast! **Tickets available online and at the door on the day of the show. Details Here ....more

Morning Blend and LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Today I had the opportunity to talk about LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER MILWAUKEE. ...more

Raising Award Winning Boys

Well, at least receiving an award for...more

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER - Milwaukee: Our City's Final Show

For the past five years, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER - Milwaukee has had the honor of being a host city for the national live storytelling event celebrating the theme of motherhood.Our city has been part of as many as 41 sister-cities that bring the stories of motherhood in all its beautiful diversity, to the ears of communities. Through sharing our stories, we have been heard, we have been healed, and our hearts have been held. Both as reader and as audience.This is Milwaukee's final year hosting LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER ....more

How To Write Your Child a Poem

It's an odd thing, when a feeling overtakes you. When an idea fills your head and you can't say no to it, but you have no gift, no talent, no experience, in the thing your heart pounds at you to do.I want to write my child a poem. Something so different and away from the 50,000 essays I've written to him already ....more

Today It's Your Birthday!

It's almost 11:39 p.m.,...more

Senior by Birth

I've got my burgundy microfleece draped across my lap and tucked in behind my knees. My slippers are on over my favorite orange knee highs and I'm slowly blowing on and sipping my half-caff. Straight leaded caffeine has become too much for me ....more