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I will no longer be owner and editor of {a mom’s view of ADHD}. The decision to transfer the site to a new owner was tough — this site has been my baby, my refuge, for more than four years now ....more

The 3 R’s of Parenting a Child with ADHD, by Jim Forgan, PhD

Today’s article is brought to us by Jim Forgan, PhD,  a licensed school psychologist in Jupiter, FL, and author of the book Raising Boys with ADHD. As I read this book over the summer, I found myself wishing it had been available when my son had been diagnosed with ADHD back in 2008. This would have been a most helpful first-read at that time ....more

Disciplining with Rewards and Punishments, by Craig B. Wiener, Ed.D.

Most ADHD therapies recommend that you change your child’s behavior by imposing a strict system of controls. The thought is that only this kind of stringent parenting will keep your child from the chaos that ADHD generates. No doubt, disciplining in that fashion works quickly. It’s easy to do, and all parents know that stringency is sometimes necessary to protect a child. Yes, coercion—disciplining with rewards and punishments—has a significant role in child rearing, but it has some downsides worth ...more

Review & Bonus Giveaway: Air Storm Z-Curve Bow and Zip Bak Bow: Aim for the “Write” Target

The Z-Curve is supposed to soar as far as 125 feet. For us, 50 feet is enough.. less walking to go fetch them. photo: Zing Toys ...more

Homeschooling and ADHD or Other Special Needs : What Type of Homeschooling Works Best?

If you’re reading this you’re either curious about homeschooling because you think it will help your child, actively homeschooling and looking for tips, or Googling in desperation because you’re sick and tired of whatever rigmarole you are going through with your child’s ...more

Tool: Give Kids This Homework Success Checklist

It’s no secret — children with atypical neurological processing struggle with traditional class room and homework demands. However, once a teacher truly understands what a child needs to be successful, he or she will often adapt his/her classroom strategy accordingly ....more

Antibiotical Setback

*** ...more

None of us have an “ADHD child”

Thanks to fellow blogger and co-contributor here at {a Mom’s View of ADHD}, Kelly Miller, I have a keen sense of how I convey my son, Ricochet, and his differences. This awareness has turned into a pet peeve, and an obsession ....more