Sometimes one needs...

just a little bit of inspiration. Things have been off for me for the past few months for a variety of reasons. I could chalk it up to any number of factors: another international move, first child going off to college (actually least stressful item), new schools for other kids ( the long run, not so bad), adjusting to a new post (perhaps the ease of adjustment?) or any number of other things that have happened ....more

Time flies...

as it has already been five weeks and several hours since our plane touched down at the airport in Ankara. After 24 hours of traveling, we had arrived. ...more

We are crammed

into a hotel in downtown "x"... It's the last night before Cait goes to school.We are squeezed into a studio suite with Cait and her stuff...all of the items she packed up three months ago (and a few items thrown in along the way) to make her dorm feel more like home. I'm sure we will add a few more last minute items tomorrow, but for now...she is set....more's been a while

For a variety of reasons, being it anything from lack of...more

Stunned and speechless, we are

in a good way. ...more


I'm still here. ...more

And the verdict is....

I will be in the DC area until at least December 10th after discussions with the powers that be (doctors, MED, etc.). I can say that I while I was initially nervous and stressed about the medevac, I think after yesterday's doctor's appointment, I feel much better about staying in the area a bit longer. ...more


hopeful. So, I'm back. ...more

Usually around this time of year

I am regaling one with tales of yet another fantastic trip to Somoto Canyon. ...more

17 years ago today...

I was holed up in a labor and delivery room in Alexandria Inova Hospital with Peter, thinking that labor would never really get going, even with a little assistance (yes, induced for very good medical reasons). Little did I know that in just a few hours, this little champ would pop out (well, you know...), make her presence known, and forever change the course of our lives in so many good ways. Obligatory crazy-colored background baby photo ....more