Summer Fun (at Dennis the Menace Park)

June 2016 Early in our summer vacation one afternoon, we decided to take the kids out to enjoy our favorite local park. ...more

Summer Dance Showcase (Recital) 2016

June 2016 The first weekend after school got out rapidly turned into a blur of tooile and sequins and makeup and hair spray as the girls had their annual dance recital. The shows this year were on Sunday and Monday evenings (as that was when the theater was available) and A.J. had all her dances on Sunday with Lucy's one dance being on Monday. Here's A.J. with my suitcase full of ...more

Peter's 1st (Naturally) Lost Tooth

June 2016 Somewhere during that last week of first grade, honestly I can't remember when.... Peter finally lost his first tooth (naturally.) If you remember, he knocked his first tooth out with a kazoo when he was about 3 1/2. ...more

End of Pre-K and 1st Grade!!

June 2016 And then suddenly it was June. ...more

Katie Cat

May 2016...more

Kid's Fun Run

May 2016...more

Memorial Day Weekend (with Daddy on travel) Bowling Trip

May 2016 As it turned out, Matt had a week long trip for work over the long Memorial Day weekend and the last week of school for the kids. ...more

Dance Pictures 2016

I'm posting thing a little out of order in some of these cases as it is so far after the fact. ...more

First Grade Assembly

May 2016 One of the things that I fell in love with when Matt and I toured the kid's school was their assembly space. ...more

Peter's Spring Concert

May 2016 So in May everything was kind of all go, go, go until then suddenly, it kind of just wasn't anymore. For 3 solid weeks Peter brought home all regular amounts of school works, charging a head finishing up one more book for his Guided Reading and squeezing in a unit of telling time and another on counting money right along with some other topics I'm forgetting, probably introductory ...more