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Creative blogger, wife, and mom who loves all things domestic. I'm an avid doodler, health nut, experimental chef, and all around Crafty Lady. I'm easily annoyed by people who don't return their shopping carts. 

House Update: All Major Work is Done, Son!

The painters finished up on Tuesday around noon and I can't tell you how excited I am to finally have the house back. Morning coffee in the kitchen! Not eating breakfast and lunch in my bedroom! ...more

Kitchen Progress Pictures!

Over these past 3 months, I've learned that most things don't go right the first, second, or even third time around when it comes to remodeling. Surprises are always around the corner which leads to setbacks. What's been getting us through this stress? ...more

Friday 5: School's Out!

Last weekend we were out of town for one of Vance's baseball tournaments. After being seated in the hotel restaurant for breakfast one morning, the waitress came over, looked directly at me, and kept saying, "Are you?...Are you?...Are you?" until I interrupted and said, "Am I what"? She stammered around for a bit before saying, "Are you their mom or their sister?" referring to the kids ....more

Friday 5: Week 3 of Construction

The house has been buzzing with workers, so I've been trying to stay out during the day. I've basically been splitting time between running random errands (like having my wedding rings polished) and going to the gym. My arms are just now feeling normal after big ball day in Pilates on Monday, which I'm taking as a sign I need to keep it up at the gym even after construction is over ....more

Friday Five: The Past 3 Weeks

A little bit of what's been keeping me away from here lately. Baseball games Numerous trips to Home Depot The floors are being redone at the house and we're constantly looking for reasons to get out of the construction zone, so brunch at a fun, new place. A couple of hold-ups with the flooring has put us behind schedule, which has meant staying out of the house more, but we're back on track now ....more

Friday Five: Easter Weekend

Another busy week with house and kid stuff! The kid's had a half day of school yesterday and no school today, and I'm looking forward to some downtime this weekend with the fam. What else has been going on? ...more

If Money Were No Object...

We're getting ready to have some renovations done to our house and the word...more

Get a Grip!

New hardwood floors are in our near future which has me thinking about rugs. I'm going to need quite a few area rugs soon, which also means I'm going to need just as many rug pads too....more

Friday 5

- 5 things from the week -...more

Friday 5

: 5 things from the week : ...more