Watching Reruns of Fixer Upper on HGTV. There is a possibility that we will be remodeling our kitchen soon and I’m OBSESSED! I was already obsessed with this show to begin with, but NOW?!?! ...more

Saturdays( A Photography Project) Week 20

I’m late. I’m late. And this post is Saturdays AND Sundays ....more

My 3 Favorite Fruit Infused Water Recipes for Summer

So I fell off of the get healthy wagon for about a week after BlogHer. FELL ALL THE WAY OFF. But I’m back! ...more

On Speaking at Blogher 15

*edited cause Nellie reminded me to toot my own horn….* ...more

Our Project 52 Week 28 : Still Life Photography

As Pookah has gotten older and a little bit picker on when and how long I point my camera at him, I’ve turned to photographing other things: food, flowers, eggs… and found that I enjoy taking those photos almost...more

A Photographer’s VERY early Christmas wish list.

Sooo, I was in Hobby Lobby this weekend( no i’m not crafty but I needed a prop that can only be found there so…) ANYHOO, there were Christmas crafts/decorations. Shut.The.Front.Door. It’s JULY ....more

Top 5 Quick Summer Getaways from Atlanta

There is always PLENTY to do in Atlanta during the summer. Face it: trips to the aquarium, the zoo, baseball games, swimming, piedmont park, festivals…the list is ENDLESS! But what happens when you just want to get away? ...more

5 Great Alternatives to the Selfie Stick at Disney

What? No Selfie Sticks at Disney? Selfie sticks have always been banned on rides, but Friday, Disney released at Statement that selfies sticks would be banned...more


Watching: Sigh. I’m supposed to be watching Orange is the New Black. But I’ve been watching the back of my eyelids instead ....more