We Fight About Politics, And It Makes Our Marriage Hot

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4 Easy Steps To Mastering The Newborn Stage

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The Problem With White America

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Mothering Through The Darkness

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How Do You Talk To Your Sons About Sex?

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Late To School (Again)

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Don’t Love Me, Love Yourself

I have no idea how to breastfeed a baby properly. I’ve been doing it for 21 months, and I do it my way, and it works. I have no idea how to create healthy lunches that look like snowmen, or ninjas, or letters of the alphabet ....more

28 Days Of Play: Love Comes Crashing In

“Hiiiiiiiii-YAAAAAAAAAA” he yells, as he careens around the corner, pops up onto the back of the couch, and catapults himself into my lap on the living room floor. A tangle of wiry, thin 5 year old limbs collide with mine as I try to catch him, my arms instinctively wrapping around his back to brace his fall. My voice leaves my body before I can think to stop it ....more

How Are Those Resolutions Treating You?

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Complications Of Motherhood

Thrilled to be published on Mamalode this month, talking about whether or not we exist beyond our children. There are goldfish crackers ground into your carpet. There is a small streak of peanut butter on the side of your sofa that matches the height of a toddler who just earned the right to walk around while he eats his snack....more